Jadi Carboni+Georgia Petrali_workshops+premier performances_May+June 2015

 25 May
 Berlin, Germany
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 Jadi Carboni
1- WORKSHOP: TUNING IN TO MOVE THROUGH WITH SOUND AND MOVEMENT Mai 25th - 28th 12am to 6pm iN TATWERK 2- PREMIER AND PERFORMANCES: SoLo 4-2 FEATURING A FAST LIFE TRACK PROCEDURE 30th of May 2015 at 8:00pm in Tatwerk Hasenheide 9 / 2nd yard / 3rd floor / 10967 Berlin Tickets: 5-10€ / discount with Dance card Please reserve a ticket! Bar open at 7pm 2nd + 3rd of June 2015 at 8:00pm in Acker Stadt Palast Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin www.ackerstadtpalast.de Tickets: 13/8 euro To reserve please write to: karten@ackerstadtpalast.de or just directly at the venue WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: "tuning in to MOVE through with movement and sound" The human body can be seen as a 'living building' in direct contact with its natural environment, both internally and externally. The observation and the relationship with the environment (city, nature and society) is the main stimulus for self-acknowledgment and it can become a source of inspiration, reference and research. By bringing awareness to the present moment, we notice the dialogue between the inner and outer space, allowing more acceptance of the unknown, experiencing inspiration and creativity. Through the practice of visualization and body awareness, is possible to perceive and explore the different qualities of the body, discovering the infinite possibility of our physicality. Experiencing the basic principles and powers which are cooperating in nature like gravity, weight, centripetal and centrifuge force, will lead us to move with more clarity, fluidity and sensitivity. Introducing various games and different techniques of bodywork, we will explore different composition tools, inspiring each other to develop new movement material, which integrates the expressive and communicative features with our technical-acrobatic skills. By experiencing solo work and group dynamics, we will use the body to touch upon social issues relating to human nature and the planet, generating new energy and knowledge. We would also like to create a site-specific performance with the participants of the workshop. The course is suitable for actors, musicians, dancers, or people interested to increase their own perceptive and awareness abilities. PRICE : 150€ | 130€ Early Bird until Mai 6th Possible Drop in classes: One Day: 60,- €/ 50,- € Two Days: 100,-€ / 90,-€ Three Days: 120,- € / 110,- € PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTION AND ARTIST'S BIO: SoLo 4-2 featuring a Fast Track Ritual "Featuring a Fast Track Ritual" is a duet born by the fusion of two solo projects: "Life is not a fast track procedure" and "Secret Ritual". Georgia and Jadi met in summer 2014 during the dance Festival Akropoditi, in Syros island. Shifting between a remote landscapes of voices and memories, two strong female figures, dominate the stage. Inspired by the 'Fast Track procedure' of everyday life, and the 'secret ritual' which represents the river that you may never enter twice, the Goddess of the Snakes cries reminding us the disharmony between Humanity and Nature. She appears to us as a feminine Archetype, while a woman in her room is trapped in the cage of a speechless unconscious seizure. Living in two parallel dimensions, they manifest and identify with one another. They express the pain, the dream, the hope and the necessity to respect Nature. They discover a common language triggering imagery and emotional empathy. Moved by the need of justice, love and acknowledgment, they want to inspire evolution and metamorphosis. Charged by a strong political message SoLo 4-2 featuring a Fast Track Ritual can be considered as a scream to the human void. Georgia Petrali was born in Crete, Greece Dancer, performer, choreographer, director, teacher of movement and dance, the founder of Fysalida Dance (www.fysalidance.com) and CI Crete (www.contactimprocrete.com). She studied dance in England and Holland, has collaborated with several dance companies in Greece and abroad, and has been teaching since 1997. Georgia and Fysalida have combined short 'activist' performances, video screenings in public spaces to touch upon social issues relating to human, nature and the planet. Collaborating with professional, amateur artists and with ordinary people through ‘community dance’, contact improvisation, dance-theatre and socio-cultural activities are characteristic of Georgia's productions. Fysalida’s motto is ‘movement inside and outside’ and ‘Geo_Move’ is the name Georgia Petrali has given to one of the technique and practices she is exploring, applying and working with. ‘Geo_move’ is inspired by the body, nature and the environment and is based on the relationship and interaction of all these elements with each other. www.fysalidance.com Jadi Carboni was born in Italy where she graduates at the National Dance Academy and wins a scholarship at the Biennale of Venice, directed by Carolyn Carlson. In Italy she collaborate with several dance companies and choreographers, such as Danza Ricerca, Stefania Brugnolini, Carolyn Carlson and Adriana Boriello. In 2002 she moves to Berlin, that leads her to several freelance assignments throughout Europe, South America, and the United States. She studies and work with Stephanie Maher, Kathleen Hermersdorf, Kirstie Simson, Felix Ruckert, Toula Limnaios, Paulina Swietcanska, the Scottish National Theatre, Dalma Primordial Science, Sense Labor Theater, Doris Schäfer and with the Urban Dance Company Reset Dance Connection. She has been also collaborating with an urban dance collective called Reset Dance Connections and improvise with different groups in several venues. At the moment she lives in Berlin where she works as performer for Sasha Waltz and Guests, in different productions at the Berlin Staatsoper and for the british company Feeding the Fish. As choreographer she has been leading two big dance theatre productions in collaboration with Eden Studios in Berlin and with the Rhurfestspiel, in Recklinghausen. In summer 2013, she was awarded the El Ray Award at the Barcelona Film festival, as Best Leading Actress for her role in “Is that the question?”, directed by Joanne Rousset. Her movement integrates different dance and theater techniques, such as Contact Improvisation, Release Technique, Action Theater, Butoh, and vocal experimentation, as well as different martial Arts and body work practices like Aikido, Tai chi, BMC and Yoga. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWk0W0EqZ65TP2m68b7Cfbw

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