23 May
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 Jorge De la Rosa
MAIO - JUNHO - JULHO ** DATAS DISPONÍVEIS ** 23.05 - Feeling Open Air , Passos https://www.facebook.com/events/1560200704244672/ 06.06 - Nectars , Sao Carlos https://www.facebook.com/events/529326523769863/ 07.06 - Space Niver, Sumaré Matao https://www.facebook.com/events/365380643655350/ 13.06 - Out of Control V, Itauna https://www.facebook.com/events/1571324876461131/ 20.06 - Natural Tribe After , Viracopos https://www.facebook.com/events/734409550000121/ 11.07 - Ha!!After ,Sao Jose do Rio Preto https://www.facebook.com/events/1572475579666503/ 19.07 - Sunrise Festival, Porto Alegre https://www.facebook.com/events/349833175214908/ www.facebook.com/jackintheboxDj www.facebook.com/HappyErrorOfficial www.soundcloud.com/jackinthebox85 www.soundcloud.com/happyerror www.mixcloud.com/jorgedelarosap www.youtube.com/user/yoryineitor www.instagram.com/jackintheboxdelarosa www.facebook.com/fatchordrecords www.facebook.com/BipolarBookings Near the year 2002 he started playing in psytrance parties under the name of Murdoch , being on stage with national and international talents,it was till the year of 2008 when he gets involved with low bpm as Jack in the Box doing line up with well known artists though. In 2010 he created his own booking agency “A.B”,meanwhile he also works in cd reviews and interviews for Trance it Magazine, ,,, Has played in all over México in festivals and clubs like Adrenaline Injection Festival,Evolution Festival,Iboga Label After Party,Año Cero Festival,Poison Festival,Ometeotl Festival ,The Aeon Gathering Regenesis,Tara,AM,Rioma,Sudaka,Pacífico . Being on tour 3 times around Europe ,playing in parties at Portugal,Spain,Croatia,Austria,Italy,Hungary,Switzerland,Germany,France,Czech Republic,Slovenia and more, had played in many clubs and festivals such as Spirit Base (Hun) ,Life Celebration (Cro),Open Sense (Aus), Club Roxy (Prague), Club Commó (Madrid), Fluc (Vienna) , Weberkecht (Vienna) , R19 (Berlín ) , Raumstation ( Switzerland ) , UG Bulach ( Switzerland) ,sharing stage with big names like Tristan,Symphonix,NOK,Outsiders, Vibe Tribe, Davinci Code, Omiki, Mandragora , Skipper (Cosmonet) , Upgrade,Bubble,Point,Materia,California Sunshine,Lyctum,Earthling,Zen Mechanics, Indra ( Pop Art), Captain Hook,X noize, Kox Box,Feio,Kitty,4i20, Avalon,Lutzenkirchen, Suduaya,Interactive Noise,Ajja, Haldolium,Neelix, and many many more, Also had being on tour in Perú and Brasil, playing at Club Real House (Lima), Natural Tribe Festival (Campinas,Sao Paulo),Nectars PVTX (Sao Carlos,Sao Paulo), After Nectars (Sao Carlos,Sao Paulo) and Imaginarium of Colors Festival (Ribeirao Preto,Sao Paulo). Now he is on tour around the world and working Also as Happy Error (progre psy project with Xahno) for FatChord Records.

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