Island Eyes (Formerly Wand) with Counterfeit Jeans and Doug Hoyer (Solo)@Wundi

 22 May
 The New Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus
 8120 101 Street - T6E 3Y8 - Edmonton - Canada
 Craig Martellica
Island Eyes is Victoria, BC's Derek Janzen. Formerly working under the name Wand, he recently felt the need to change the name due to confusion involving another band with the same name. Derek has been quietly recording and releasing homemade alternative music from his home since 2007 and has been operating out of Victoria, BC for nearly five years. Over the years he's played with some great acts, including Mount Eerie, Frog Eyes/Blackout Beach, We Are The City, Cousins, and Chet. When playing live, Island Eyes incorporates drum machines, various synths, guitar and driving percussion to create their unique and grandiose sound. While influenced by a diverse array of artists, among the most prominent are Phil Elverum, David Byrne, John Bender, Sufjan Stevens, and Carey Mercer. COUNTERFEIT JEANS DOUG HOYER 18+ 9PM $10

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