IRJi Presents: Collision XII! Melee + Wii-U Event! (Feat 3v3!)

 06 June
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 Riddge Rj Mussington
Hey guys! The last Collision we had over 130 total players there! This is a record for the Collision series. Let's grow even more and have an awesome event! Look below for the event details! ____________________________________________ LOCATION: 4 Grayrock Road, Scarsdale, NY ____________________________________________ STREAM: RushHourSmash: Hitbox Arena: _____________________________________________ VENUE FEE: Spectators: Free (includes casual play, when schedule permits) Competitor Venue Fee: $10.00 Entry Fees: All proceeds go to prize pots for each bracket's winners. Each 1v1 Entry $10.00 Each 2v2 Entry: $10.00 _____________________________________________ SCHEDULE: Doors Open: 10:30AM Wii-U 3v3: 12:00PM SHARP! Melee Doubles: 12:30PM Melee Singles: 3:30PM Wii-U Singles: 4:00PM Note: Registration for each event ends 30 minutes before each event starts. Also, each event will be starting at the times listed. Please do not be late, as I will not be accepting late registrations under any circumstances. Note 2: Please note that there is no doubles for Wii-U. We will be doing 3v3 instead! A separate rule-set will be created, so stay tuned! _____________________________________________ PRIZE PAYOUTS: 1st place 60% of Prize Pot 2nd place 30% of Prize Pot 3rd place 10% of Prize Pot With over 40 entrants, top 4 places pay out (50-25-15-10%). With over 60 entrants, top 5 places pay out (45-25-15-10-5%). _____________________________________________ DISCOUNTS: Sign in your equipment at the front desk when you arrive. Discounts are given in cash at the end of the event. $3 off - TV/Valid Monitor $3 off - Console systems (NOT 3DS) Note: Please bring your own Controllers! Controllers will not be given for use at the event! _____________________________________________ RULESETS: Melee and Wii-U 1v1 & 2v2/3v3: _____________________________________________ IMPORTANT LINKS: SmashLeague: Smashboards Link:

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