Iraqi, North African and Turkish with Uza, Nahara & Tava May 31st

 31 May
 Dance Dimensions
 15 Cross St - 06851 - Norwalk - United States
 Tava Naiyin
Cultural Dance Sampler Iraqi Dance with Uza - 90 minute class North African Dance with Nahara - 90 minute class 9/8 Musicality and Rhythm exploration with Tava - 30 minute (non-dance) class 2-3:30 (Nahara) North African Chaabi: Dances of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria in 6/8 Afraid of the 6/8 rhythm? Want to loosen your shimmies and twisting hip movements? Never tried Berber dance before? This class is the place to start. A taste of the various Berber dances of North Africa will be presented to help you find that earthy grounded center you have always wanted as well as give you more powerful freer hips. The best way to improve your dancing is to study the roots movement of belly dance. 3:45-5:15 (Uza) Iraqi Dance Basics Sampler - Learn to groove safely from the feet up. We will cover some of the root footwork that Modern Iraqi Dance is built off of, while discussing some historical information about modern Iraqi "Raqs El Kawliya." Plus a bit of Iraqi musical information. Gentle basic hair work will be briefly covered, but is always optional. 5:45-6:15 (Tava) Participants will dive into rhythm exploration with the greatest focus on the 9/8; Both Romani 9/8 and Oryantal 9/8 will be broken down to understand their rhythmic similarities and differences. A deeper understanding of assymetrical rhythms translates to a more natural movement style; removing the "thinking" and diving deeper into the "feeling." Finger cymbal patterns will be taught as well. *Note: This is not a dancing class

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