Invitation to a teaching on meditation and yogic song as practised within the Aro gTér tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism

 23 May
 Penzance, United Kingdom
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 Sian Bussingham
Teaching with Nor´dzin Pamo and ´ö-Dzin Tridral These teachings are led by two ordained practitioners : Nor’dzin Pamo and ’ö-Dzin Tridral - a married couple with over 30 years of meditation experience. "If everyone meditated for a few minutes every day, the world would be a more peaceful and friendlier place." —Relaxing into Meditation, Ngakma Nor'dzin, Aro Books worldwide, 2010. "This is a wonderful introduction to relaxation and meditation - its message offers peace and tranquillity in this stressful world" —Joanna Lumley, reviewing Relaxing into Meditation. For article on Yogic song with further information and recordings All welcome Suggested donation £12 Call Sian on 07952 883 138 for details.

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