Investigating crimes from Euromaidan to Mariupol

 21 May
 Wergelandsveien 29 - 0167 - Oslo - Norway
 Olga Shamshur Flydal
How impunity challenges the future of a democratic Ukraine Norwegian Helsinki Committee invites you to the seminar! With more than a year passed since the world was shaken by the images of demonstrators dying in the streets of Kiev, the new Government struggles to convince the public of its’ commitment and ability to conduct a transparent and unbiased investigation into the deaths of over one hundred activists. Dozens of primary suspects have long fled Ukraine. The shadow of impunity darkens as the government also fails to effectively deal with reports of numerous human rights violations during the ongoing conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. What happened at the Euromaidan? How do the formal investigations proceed and how important are the contributions from local civil society and the international community? How can we ensure accountability for crimes from Euromaidan to Mariupol? NHC’s Olga Shamshur Flydal will moderate a discussion among core experts on both the events and the following investigations. Guests: Solomiya Bobrovska, Centre for Civil Liberties, Euromaidan SOS, Ukraine Pavlo Dykan, lawyer representing families of the Heavenly Hundred, the fallen victims of Euromaidan Ukraine Siri Frigaard, former Chief Public Prosecutor at Norwegian Authority for Prosecution of Organized and Other Serious Crime, expert on international crime Aage Borchgrevink, Senior advisor, Norwegian Helsinki Committee Centre for Civil Liberties/Euromaidan SOS stood in the center of Euromaidan events, documenting crimes and abuses against activists starting from December 2013, submitting a letter to the ICC demanding investigation of those crimes. Solomiya Bobrovska, together with lawyer Pavlo Dykan will talk about the status and main suspects of the Euromaidan investigation and present a documentary film, "Twenty testimonies about the turning point of the Maidan", directed by Maxim Spasov. Norwegian Helsinki Committee travelled to the Eastern Ukraine in April 2015 together with International Partnership for Human Rights, collecting evidence of human rights violations and war crime. The seminar will be in English. Free admission. Please sign up to by 20 May.

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