Invalids (first show) w/ Vasudeva, Use Big Words, In Angles, No Stranger

 06 June
 New Brunswick, NJ, United States
  - 08901-08906, 08933, 08989 - -
I am pleased/over-joyed/SO jazzed to announce the following show (`: Invalids started 7 years ago as a fantasy musical project involving programmed drums, internet collaboration, and arduous repetition to build enough muscle memory to play otherwise too-difficult songs. In recent months I have been blessed to find three guys that are intensely dedicated and, one would say, JAZZED to learn said songs and make a real band possible. Thereby, this is officially our FIRST SHOW (``````: #invalivalids What's more is we are also blessed to share the stage with other musicians we are v much into/a part of (the member Venn diagrams for this band list is pretty expansive). What's MORE more is we have the privilege of being hosted by up-and-coming recording studio/show space In the West right home in New Brunswick. They have a nice room we can play in, set up merch shop, and even record the set, all the while free of the inescapable dankness of your average NB basement show (don't worry, we will be playing a follow-up full-dank basement show the very next night; more on that later). As it were, please join us, favs Vasudeva, fams Use Big Words and In Angles, and all-around pretty-voice nice guyyy No Stranger on June 5th for a raucous, jort-packed good time. I can't accurately express how excited I am for this show, and how truly meaningful it is to me and everyone else working so hard to give it life. Invalids loves u Hope to see you there! (In true NB fashion, message for address no cops)

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