Introduction To the Akashic Records - FREE EVENT & Akashic Record Readings!

 15 May
 The Avenue 141 N. Martinwood Rd, Suite 103-7 Knoxville, TN 37922
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 The Light Leaders Academy
Please join us for this FREE introductory talk and meditation about the Akashic Records and why they are becoming mainstream during this important time in our human evolution. Come hear how you can learn to access your own personal Akashic Records using the “Pathway Prayer process” a special prayer that serves as an energetic bridge to the Heart of the Akashic Records. Now this infinite source of wisdom and healing energy is available to you to answer all of your questions both big and small! Learn how to access and navigate the timeless Records of your Soul receiving guidance, wisdom and clarity for your uniquelife path! Discover your spiritual gifts, life purpose and mission! Begin your deeper spiritual walk to know your own Soul like never before! To Schedule an Akashic Reading with Laura go to my website: and click on BOOKME button. Appointments are open from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm on April 17th. The cost for a 30 minute reading is $30.00

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