Introducing Critical Animal Studies

 16 May
 The Aston Chubb, University of Fort Hare, East London Campus
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 Luis Carlos Rodrigues
CLEA, the Hunterstoun Centre and ICAS are organising a conference on critical animal studies. We wish to extend an open invitation to attend our introduction to this area of study. The mini conference is open to members of the public and academics and is meant to be highly interactive taking the form of presentations followed by questions and discussion. There is no charge. Critical Animal Studies. This is broadly a theoretical and practical engagement with the myriad ways in which humans dominate and oppress non-human animals. The strong parallels with various other forms of hierarchy and domination within human society mean that work in critical animal studies is at core interdisciplinary, overlapping with areas such as linguistics, feminism, environmental studies, anthropology, film and media studies, fine art, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, law, queer studies, politics and sociology. Presentations • 9.00- 9.15 Introduction to Critical Animal Studies - Dr Les Mitchell, Director of the Hunterstoun Centre • 9.15- 10.00 Animals in Ethics and Philosophy - Dr Filip Maj, Department of Philosophy • 10.00 – 10.45 Animals and the Law - Arthur van Coller, HOD, Department of Law, University of Fort Hare • 10.45-11.15 Break for tea and coffee • 11.15-12.00 Animals, Pain and Sentience – Professor Abraham Olivier, Head of the Department of Philosophy • 12.00- 12.45 Animals and Activism Dr Luis Cordeiro Rodrigues Centre for Leadership and Ethics, University of Fort Hare • 12.45-13:30 Animals and Language - Dr Les Mitchell, Director of the Hunterstoun Centre

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