Into the Valley Preparty at Jaeger

 04 June
 Jaeger Oslo
 Grensen 9 - 0159 - Oslo - Norway
 Into the Valley
INTO THE VALLEY PREPARTY AT JAEGER Being eager to get this festival launched, we’re pre starting with a couple of parties around in Scandinavia. We’ll visit our favorite clubs in Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and a couple of more places, on our little preparty tour. Oslo, and our obvious first choice of night club Jaeger, will get a visit from us June 4. The ones supporting us on the dance floor are Mano Le Tough Over the past few years, Mano Le Tough, has become one of the shooting stars of the international dance music scene, even established DJ’s such as Âme and Dixon has become fervent supporters of Mano Le Tough’s warm and melodic, yet driving sound. He’s originally from Dublin, but is now traveling all around the world to let people hear his distinct sound. We just can’t wait to experience Mano’s musical vision in Oslo with you! Axel Boman 2010 was the breakthrough year for the Stockholmer Axel Boman, with the epic screw house anthem ’Purple Drank’ being released on DJ Koze’s new Pampa Records imprint, going off to London to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy and starting up his own label Studio Barnhus together with Petter and Kornél Kovacs. His sound is raw, playful and drenched in oceans of soul - just the kind of stuff the dance floors of today are looking for. Jessie Granqvist Starting at an underground club a couple of years ago, Jessie Granqvists reputation has grown rapidly, and since then, exposed her to bars and clubs above ground. Jessies eclectic mix of deep, dubby and lovely is much sought after and she says she wants her sets to be unpredictable and dynamic. In other words, to take the dance floor on a journey. G-Ha & Olanskii g-Ha & Olanskii are the resident djs of Jaeger and Sunkissed-club in Oslo. Their commitment to club music has placed them among Norway’s top djs and promoters. Involved and influenced by early clubs like Skansen and Jazid, as much as by Oslo’s irreverent and leftist approach to dance music, they has built Sunkissed and the Jaeger Fridays to become two of Scandinavia's most renowned and forward thinking club nights. balErik Started his own club nights back in 2003 and has been running various nights and events since then. This year is the 10th anniversary for The Kikki Boat party. His djing has taken him to gigs in Dubai, London, New York, Tokyo, Sofia, Stockholm, San Francisco ++. Expect a blend of house, deep house & rolling techno when you hear Erik dj. dj nuhhh We’d love to see to see you there! Everyone with a festival ticket can enter the party for free before 00.00. Information about Into the Valley festival and how to purchase tickets, please visit: #intothevalley2015

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