International Musical Forum, "21st Century Art" Competition Finland

 10 June
 Lempäälä, Finland
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 Art and Education in the XXI Century
We invite teachers, students, young performer, accompanists to participate in the International Forum in Finland. Forum program: - Concerts by professionals, students and prizewinners of the former International competitions. - Competitions in piano, string and wind instruments, piano, chamber and vocal ensembles, solo vocal and art of accomoaniment. - Pedagogical conference “Music education and development of the creative personality”. - Master classes and seminars concerning problems of developing the complex of musical abilities and performance mastery, improvisation, early musical development. - Excursions. Competition Rules All competitions for solo piano, string and wind instruments (soloists-instrumentalists), piano, chamber and vocal ensembles; will be held in one round for each category. Competition on solo vocal will be held in two rounds. The International Jury evaluates the participants’ performances. The decisions of the Jury are final and irrevocable. The Jury has the right not to judge a performance of competitor in case of a non-observance of program requirements. The winners of competitions will be awarded with the title of Laureate of the international competition. First Prize winners can take part in concert programs organized by the Association in different countries. Contestants may participate in several categories. The exact dates of competitive performances will be known after May 26. Competitions of soloists, chamber and piano ensembles. June 17 – 18 Soloists (pianists, players on string, wind and brass instruments) performs in 6 groups according to the age of participants: • Group 1 – students under 10; • Group 2 – students between 11 and 13; • Group 3 – students between 14 and 16; • Group 4 – students between 17 and 20; • Group 5 – students between 21 and 26; • Group 6 – musicians under 45. Time restrictions: - Group 1 – maximum 10 minutes; - Group 2 – from 12 till 15 minutes; - Group 3 – from 17 till 20 minutes; - Groups 4 and 5 – from 21 till 25 minutes; - Group 6 – from 25 till 30 minutes. All the pieces should be performed by memory. Repertoire should be selected by each participant himself. Piano and chamber ensembles (no more than 8 musicians) performs in 4 age groups: • Group 1– average age of members under 15; • Group 2 – average age under 19; • Group 3 – average age under 25; • Group 4 – average age under 45; Time restrictions: - Group 1– from 7 till 10 minutes; - Group 2 – from 15 till 20 minutes; - Groups 3 and 4 – from 23 till 30 minutes. Participants may use the music scores. Repertoire should be selected by each participant himself. Competition of vocalists and accompanists June 12 – 13 Vocalists (solo academical singers) performs in 4 groups according to the educational range of participants: • Group 1 – students of musical and art colleges and conservatories; • Group 2 – students of high educational establishments (academies); • Group 3 – singers graduated from high educational establishments (academies) at the age under 45; • Group 4 – singers without professional vocal education at the age be tween 17 and 40. Performance requirements: The 1st round • antique aria; • folk song or one song of competitor’s native country; • romance (for I, II и III groups). The 2nd round • comprehensive aria; • one or several romances. One piece should be composed between the middle of the 20th and 21st centuries. Time restrictions from 12 till 15 minutes in each round. Duplication pieces in different rounds is not allowed. Repertoire should be selected by each participant himself. Vocal ensembles performs in 2 age groups: • Group 1 – average age of members under 25; • Group 2 – average age under 30; Time restrictions for all groups of singers: from 12 till 15 minutes. All vocal accompanists and accompanists with their illustrators-vocalists can participate in the Art of accompaniment category. Every accompanist should inform the Organizing Committee about participation in competition in application form. Time-table of the Forum’s work June 10. Wednesday Arrival and accommodation of Vocal program’ participants. June 11. Thursday 9.00-18.00 – Rehearsals. 18.00 – Opening of the Vocal competition. Concert. June 12. Friday 10.00-18.00 – Hearing of competition. Solo Singing (the1st round). 20.00 – Concert. June 13. Saturday 10.00-18.00 – Hearing of competition. Solo Singing (2nd round). 20.00 – Concert. June 14. Sunday Rehearsals, individual lessons. Master classes. 18.00 – Concert. Ceremonial closing of Vocal program. June 15. Monday Departure of Vocal program’ participants. Arrival of the ensembles and solo instrumental program’ participants. June 16. Tuesday 9.00-18.00 – Rehearsals. 10:00-13:00 – Master classes and seminars. Conference on “Music education and development of the creative personality”. 18:00 – Concert. Opening of the competition for the instrumental players. June 17, 18. Wednesday – Thursday 10:00-19:00 – Hearing of competition: Chamber ensembles, solo instrumental players. 20:00 – Concert. June 19. Friday 10:00 – “The Round Table”. Summing up of a competition’s results. 16:00 – Ceremonial closing of the Forum. Concert of Prizewinners of the ensembles and solo instrumental competitors. June 20. Saturday Departure from Finland. Excursion around Turku. Travel to Stockholm by ferry. June 21 – 23. Sunday – Tuesday Excursion around Sweden. June 24. Wednesday 9:00 – Arrival in Helsinki. Departure from Finland to Saint-Petersburg. Some changes of the time-table are possible. Final time-table for competitors will be available after June 1, 2015. Each participant: member of a jury, competitor (soloists, member of chamber or vocal ensemble, singer); teacher, accompanist, accompanying person should send the Application Form to the Organizing Committee by e-mail Also participants of the Forum (except parents) should send photo (photos) for booklet by e-mail. Demands: photo(s) of best quality (JPG or TIFF), portrait, size in pixels no less then 600-700 by height. Participants who need a visa to Finland should send a scanned copy of passport (double page with photo). Accreditation Fee for teachers, competitors, accompanist is 160 €. Additional Fee for participation in second competition’ nomination is 50 €. Accreditation Fee for attendants is 80 €. Accommodation with breakfast in Finland: 1 place in 2 or 3 beds room is about 40 €. 1 place in single room is about 55 €. Trip to Stockholm by ferry with accommodation in hotel (breakfast included) approximately is 400 €. Expenses for transport (including Finland), accommodation and excursions are paid by the participants themselves. Application Deadline is May 15, 2015 (persons who need visa to Finland should send application before May 1). The Association “Art and Education in the XXI Century” is the Copyright Holder of audio and video recordings made at the events of the Forum. Application Form 1. Name, surname; 2. Exact date of birth; 3. Citizenship, number of passport or ID document; 4. Instrument; 5. Status at the Forum (teacher, accompanist, attendant; competitor – with category of competition); 6. Address, telephone number(s) (with country code), email; 7. Full name of school, college, academy, conservatory or another music education establishment (for competitors); 8. Place of work (for teachers and accompanist); 9. Given name, surname of teacher (for students); 10. Given name, surname of accompanist (if competitor has an accompanist); 11. Competition program (with duration); 12. Subject of the report (for participants of the conference); 13. Date of arrival and departure from Finland (Sweden); 14. Trip to Stockholm (YES/NO). Application Deadline is May 15, 2015 (persons who need visas to Finland should send application before May 1). Questions about the Forum' work and application forms can be asked by e-mail The competitor who wants to participate in several categories, should inform about all programs of performances with the obligatory indication of the category, as well as data of ensemble partner. Charges for participation in the second category is 50 €. Organizing Committee Ukraine 02147, Kiev 147, mail box 93 International Association “Art and Education in the XXIst Century” +38-044-295-1447 +38-067-509-6590 e-mail: (for application forms) Finland Lempäälä Spa Uotintie 10, 37500, Lempäälä phone +358 40 735 4254

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