Intermediate Trimming Class

 17 May
 Gerbitz Quarterhorses- Tampico, IL
  - - -
 Ida Hammer
Class will start at 9am and end around 5pm This class will start with each student trimming a cadaver leg using what they learned at the beginner class. Students will be expected to analyze their hoof and trim to mimic what they would do in the field. After all students are done, each student will give a demonstration and explanation of what they did and why. Again students are encouraged to take before and after pictures to compare finished trim with their starting hoof. After trimming students will have an opportunity to explore their hoof if they choose. We will then break for lunch. After lunch we will work on live horses. Students are encouraged to bring one of their own horses to work on, so they get hands on experience with guidance on any issues they are facing. Focus will be placed on proper stances, safety techniques, and applying the trim to live horses. The cost for this class is $250.00 which includes lunch. The cost for auditors will be $125.00 which includes lunch also. Often time’s students feel they would like to come back after applying what they have learned. Classes are offered at 1/2 price to those persons that have already attended the class. (offer only applies to class participated in) A $50.00 non refundable deposit is required to hold a spot in class.

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