Integrative Biotensegrity: a revolutionary framework to amplify patient success

 17 May
 Bendat Family Centre; 36 Dodds St Wembley WA
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 Satya Sardonicus DC
- Adjust with greater ease and efficiency - Increase patient success & subsequent referrals - Ideal for PEDIATRICS and CHALLENGING CASES - Get more stable, long-lasting results Just as we look to the spine for its relationship to neurologic function, it makes sense to include the skull in our assessment and adjustment for its direct relationship to the brain. Fascia (including dura) serves as the global tensional network, which directly impacts osseous subluxation patterns. Integrative Biotensegrity bridges the gap between structural and tonal models to provide the most elegant and effective adjustments for lasting strength & resilience. This hands-on seminar provides immediately applicable tools, including guidelines for synthesis with spinal adjusting techniques and how to find & correct primary subluxation patterns. Registration is limited, so sign up early! TO REGISTER: for more information, email "Her command of the information was impressive and she gave us many tools we could take and use right away with our patients. The opportunities to work hands on along with the lectures made the information easy to understand and implement. Seminars like this make us better chiropractors." -Scott Szela, DC "Dr. Sardonicus' presentation style is organized and easy to follow, with helpful slides and notes. She successfully blends elements of research on anatomy/neurology, clinical experience, and personal experience in a way that brought power and immediate applicability to the material covered. Dr. Sardonicus is a credit to our entire profession, and I would absolutely recommend her seminars to a colleague!" - Amy Haas, PhD, DC

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