Integral Flow Experience with Bence Ganti - Copenhagen 5-7th June 2015

 05 June
 Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 København N
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 Amela Tahirovic
Bence Ganti is coming to Copenhagen this summer! Come to this exciting event 5th-7th June and join his unique Integral Flow Experience! Sign up by sending an email to: Bence will during this weekend facilitate a playful, joyous, deep and heart-opening group process called Integral Flow Expirience. Through non-verbal contact, bodywork and encounter exercises, Bence puts people into a deeper state of consciousness where subtle encounter experiences and the flow state appear both in individuals and the group. Combined with sharing our experience verbally, this has a quick healing effect on the lack of contact and connection that many of us carry simply by living in today’s highly individualized world. Integral Flow is an in-depth experience that accelerates your personal growth and transformation. It invites you to experience the full potentials of higher we-space to master your relationships and boost your skills as a transformational leader. Bence Ganti MA, is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator and internationally known speaker on Integral Theory. He is also the creator of Integral Flow Experience group process. He divides his time between Europe and the US, in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Europe he created the Integral Academy of Hungary in 2006 one of the biggest integral schools in Europe. He was also one of the masterminds and directors of the 1st Integral European Conference (IEC1) in May 2014 which drew over 500 people from 33 countries and 4 continents. He is a speaker at integral conferences around the world. He gives Integral Flow Workshops and Retreats in different countries like Germany, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Danmark and the United States. Bence is one of the living embodiments of the international integral movement connecting American, Western- and Eastern European cultures and integral communities. Plese visit Bence has a complex map for this evolutionary group work that is based on the Wilber-Combs lattice. He maintains that if we open people and loosen up their ego fixations then they potentially open “up and down” on the levels at the same time. Both higher states occur and earlier unresolved issues also surface and get a chance to be uplifted. The original meaning of the flow experience is a highly satisfactory peak experience when we have an intense and focused concentration on the present with heightened awareness, and we drop the control of thinking mind, temporarily getting out of time into the eternal presence being one with the moment. Bence’s approach extends the original flow concepts into its relational and spiritual dimensions. Based on his experience working with many groups, Bence suggests that there is a transpersonal field beneath the flow experience that actualizes itself through us when we are in flow, especially when we are connected during our flow experiences. This is a form of the “new-we” and a higher stage of being together. Sign up by sending an email to: Here is some praise from Bence’s work from integral luminaries: “Bence Ganti’s Integral Flow Therapy is a genuinely Integral therapy that is wise, effective, and truly integral. Pulling all the pieces together, he has created a marvelous and most useful therapy!” -Ken Wilber “As a participant of Bence’s flow workshop, I can only say that his masterful and souveign guidance in the flow practice combined with a compassionate heart helped me to release tears for myself, and for all suffering human beings. His instructions to the partner were clear, his reminders gentle and to the point. A wonderful healing practice that I can recommend full-heartedly to anyone who wishes to explore their own inner workings with the help of a silent partner.” -Susanne Cook Greuter “Bence Ganti’s Integral Flow Therapy is an pioneering therapeutical approach that fully utilizes the integral map as well as many of the most efficient therapeutical practices and techniques that are available to us.” -Dennis Wittrock, CEO Integrales Forum (Germany) Price: Early Bird price before April 15th: 1.950 kr. Price after April 15th: 2.250 kr. Secure your place now! Info: Registration:

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