Inner Dance Intensive (Whole Day)

 17 May
 Holistic Health 53 Beaconsfield Rd, Preston Circus, Brighton, BN1 4QH
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 Bek Young
Hello Everyone, We have an Inner Dance Intensive Day on Sunday the 17th May. 10am - 4pm. The day will consist of 3 x Inner dance sessions - each will have a theme to enable the deeper connection to self. What is Inner Dance? (watch the video) Inner Dance is an energetic feedback mechanism; a returning home to the infinite wisdom of the body. It is a transformative self-awakening process, which organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence through intuitive healing, release work, and natural remembrance of the true self through heightened inner awareness of bodies, minds and emotions as energy. The process allows one to drop old systems of attachment, resistance and judgment. To bring the inner dance into experience takes a day, an hour, or just a second. To bring the inner dance energy into context happens in the infinite creative forces we call time-space. It is always learning, always shifting, always discovering. It often feels like a baby that has just awoken into the blank page; a newness that doesn't stop experiencing the unexpected. This space celebrates what has emerged in so many courageous beings that have ventured into the unknown depths of Who We Are. They are as much teachers by demonstration, as they are co-learners in this classroom called the universe. I hope that long after these are written, the learning continues, into the spaces where no time exists. It is not a “dance” in the traditional sense, but a union with self and the greater whole, speaking to us and opening us up to what we need to learn, heal and remember. It heals individuals, families, communities and the whole planet. Anyone interested in healing and experiencing the infinite within is welcome. Please bring water, wear comfortable loose clothes and your lunch. Cost is only £35.00. Please feel free to share with friends and family. For more details please contact Bek Young - - Hope to see you all there. Many blessings, Bek & Christian ph: 07481602872

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