12 June
 Caesars Palace
 King Street - EX39 2JF - Bideford - United Kingdom
 Stereonartzi Stomp
STOMP Promotions ARE BACK AGAIN THIS SUMMER WITH YET ANOTHER NIGHT OF NON - STOP JUNGLISM!! RUMBLING BASS, RAGGA VIBES AND ALL OUT SNARE WARFARE IS AGWARN FOR THIS ONE!!! THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED FOR ALL YOU JUNGLISTS AND JUNGLETTES!!! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> *** JUNGLECAT RECORDINGS 3HOUR TAKEOVER *** (MAIN ROOM) (RIGURGITATE SOUNDSYSTEM) "Jungle Cat brings heavyweight jungle vibes strictly on wax. Representing the true sound of the jungle with a newskool attitude." After having both omen breaks and omniryhthm play for you guys last halloween, we soon realised a connection between STOMP! and junglecat had to be made!! Thats why we're bringing some of the crew back this year but with a very special guest from OFF ME NUT RECORDS!!! Expect 3 rinsing hours of the finest UK jungle mixed by true vinyl warriors!!! * OMEN BREAKS * https://soundcloud.com/omen-breaks * DUB - LINER * https://soundcloud.com/dub-liner * L3FT LUCA5 * (OFF ME NUT) -- SPECIAL GUEST https://soundcloud.com/l3ft-luca5 WITH SUPPORT FROM -- * ILLER INSTINCT * (RIGURGITATE) https://soundcloud.com/illerinstinct <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> *** AMEN HEAVEN *** (ROOM 2) (UNIT 8 SOUNDSYSTEM) * THRACKH * Dont expect anything less than complete amen mayhem from this badman!! Enfusing hip hop//ragga//gypsy, even country & folk into his jungle and breakcore, You're gonna be sent thrackh and forth!! Lace your stomping boots on tight for this set!! https://soundcloud.com/thrackh * TEMPORE * He's back!! if you missed his set from our club night last february, then make sure you dont miss it again!! absolutely rinsed it! and we are sure he'll do the same again!! Beng a brainchild of hodgepodge and rolling in the mud with LLTA... you know this badman has tunage!! https://soundcloud.com/tempore --- STOMP! KRU + FRIENDS --- The STOMP! Kru will be providing a mass range of junglism infused riddims. Everything from ragga dnb // rinse out // old skool // jungletek to rave & breakcore!! Here's your kru for the night. * STEREO NUTTAHS -- AMEN-TAL B2B * https://soundcloud.com/stereonuttahs * 2 FILTHY DJ'S -- RAGGAHYPE B2B * www.mixcloud.com/2Filthy/ * WAMJAM BLOODCLART JUNGLE -- VINYL SET * https://soundcloud.com/wamjam1 * BRAMSTON PICKLE -- RINSE OUT AMENS * (STOMP! DEBUT) https://soundcloud.com/jake-brammer * SKYHIGHATRIST (UNIT 8) -- RAW 'N' PURE JUNGLISM* https://soundcloud.com/theskyhighatrist * CUNTRY BUMPKIN (UNIT 8) -- JUNGLE? * https://soundcloud.com/cuntry-bumpkin * JAH JAH BINX (KONAN) -- HELLA LOT OF RAGGA!! * https://soundcloud.com/jahjahbinx <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 18+ £7 BEFORE 12:00AM --- £8 AFTER NO THUGS, DRUGS OR DUBSTEP! **PLEASE RESPECT THE CLUBS NO NOS POLICY!! IF YOU WANNA SUCK ON A BALLOON... PLEASE DO IT AWAY FROM THE VENUE :) CHEERS EN

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