26 May
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 Winnie Wong
Chronic injuries plague almost all athletes. This prevents them from training consistently thus affecting their overall performance. Learning injury prevention techniques will lead to reduced risk of injuries thus allowing one to train more consistently. In this workshop, participants will learn how to manage and resolve chronic injuries in the lower body and prevent them from coming back. The workshop will focus on the following chronic injuries; 1) Lower Back 2) Knee 3) Ankle 4) Hip 5) Foot 6) Shoulder The workshop will discuss the following in relation to the above mentioned chronic injuries; 1) The cumulative injury cycle and how it leads to chronic injury 2) Muscle quality and its relation to length and tension 3) How to reduce muscle tension 4) How to increase muscle extensibility 5) Strength training protocols 6) Nutrition to improve muscle quality and injury resistance Course fee: MOP900/day or MOP1,600 both days Time: 7-10pm each day Email to book by 20 May 2015 Aldrin's profile Aldrin is the founder of Ziklag fitness in Singapore. He has been a strength and conditioning specialist, Rehabilitation and Corrective work specialist and soft tissue therapist for more than 15 years and counting. He owns two fitness and rehabilitation facilities in Singapore. He is the only registered Active Release Techniques (ART) Practitioner in South East Asia. He combines a unique blend of dry needling techniques, visceral manipulation, ART and other soft tissue modalities in his sessions with his clients. His clients ranges from general population to professional sports teams and athletes. Aldrin has been conducting workshops both in Singapore and Malaysia for a few years and is bringing his unique methodology to Macau and Hong kong.

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