Info Sri Lanka News 1st Year Milestone

 28 May
 Maharagama, Sri Lanka
  - 10280 - -
 Info Sri Lanka News
Info Sri Lanka Media Networks is the premier private website network in the country. Info Sri Lanka Media Networks maintenances five websites in two languages, Sinhala and English. Its content revolutionised Sri Lanka's online media industry and its mission is to provide entertainment and information to enhance the lifestyles of the Sri Lankan public. The web networks cater to a large viewers base and to a variety of tastes comprising contemporary fashion, sports, current affairs and unbiased news reports and programs. These are as follows: Info Sri Lanka News - English Info Sri Lanka News - Sinhala Lanka DNA - Sinhala SHII - Sinhala Youth Arena - Sinhala Srilankan Model - English Info Sri Lanka TV - English & Sinhala

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