Indeedy Musical Bingo at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square

 11 June
 The Phoenix, Cavendish Square
 37 Cavendish Square - W1G 0PP - London - United Kingdom
 Indeedy Musical Bingo
Indeedy Musical Bingo Thursday, June 11th 2015 The Phoenix 37 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PP Tickets £10 via our web shop: £14 at the door What is Indeedy Musical Bingo? Indeedy Musical bingo is like normal bingo except instead of calling out numbers we play songs. Mark the songs off your card as you hear them, and run up to our sassy presenter to claim your prize! We've collaborated with The Phoenix to come up with some brilliant and rather saucy prizes! About The Venue Known for its tasty craft beers, good grub and quirky decor, the pub is located right in the heart of London. We’ll be taking over their downstairs bar for a night of musical fun and frolics! What To Expect Head to downstairs bar at 8pm to be shown to your reserved seats, grab a drink and get prepared for the fun to start! Your sassy host will present three exciting rounds of bingo, and will be joined by our infamous granny pack – a glamorous troupe of tracksuit wearing grannies, who have more dance moves than Madonna. We’ll have some breaks in between so you can get in your drinks orders in at the bar, and the rounds normally finish just after 11pm, when we have a dance party (although you’ll probably be dancing on your chair before this). Thirsty? Hungry? There are lots of scrumptious treats on offer at The Phoenix, and plenty of drinks options if you want to whet your whistle. Take a look at their website for details.

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