[IN]COGNITO || Groningen w/ Luke Slater [L.B. Dub Corp] - Darko Esser - Nathan Homan - Kabor

 06 June
 Groningen, Netherlands
  - 9700–9747 - -
 Incognito NL
[IN]COGNITO. Cognitus versus incognitus. Known versus unknown. Hidden, but in plain sight. After a successful exclusive ‘Hidden’ edition in Groningen there was no doubt we should come back. On the 6th of June we’re returning with four imposing names, all playing an extended set of 3 hours! [ LINE UP ] - Luke Slater (OFFICIAL) (3HRS L.B. Dub Corp set) - Darko Esser (3HRS) - Nathan Homan - DJ (3HRS) - Kabor (3HRS) With Luke Slater on board we have invited a massive name in the history of techno and house. L.B. Dub Corp is one of Slater's lesser-spotted pseudonyms so this is a chance you just can’t miss. We couldn’t leave Darko Esser home because of his magnificent set at our Hidden edition and with Nathan Homan and Kabor on the bill we’ve picked two of the fastest local rising stars Groningen knows. [ LOCATION ] Location remains secret until further notice. [ TICKETS ] Early Birds €12,- [SOLD OUT] Regulars: €14,- [ON SALE] Buy here: http://bit.ly/IN-gr [ INSTAGRAM ] Follow us at Instagram for inside information: http://bit.ly/IncognitoIG [ 18+ ] {IN]COGNITO Saturday June 6 00.00 – 06.00 Groningen Secret location

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