Inaugural Lecture by Christian Förster: "Collateral Damage"

 27 May
 Universität Heidelberg
 Grabengasse 1 - 69117 - Heidelberg - Germany
 Asia and Europe in a Global Context
Prof. Dr. Christian Förster will give his inaugural lecture in German with the title "Collateral Damage – Ersatzansprüche koreanischer Soldaten gegen US-amerikanische „Agent Orange“-Hersteller". The horrible images of the Vietnam War literally have burned themselves into the collective memory because of the extensive use of the defoliant Agent Orange. However, it is far less known that South Korean soldiers and their descendants constitute the third largest group of victims after the Vietnamese population and US veterans. Quite recently now the Korean Supreme Court in a remarkable decision has awarded damages following veterans' claims against former US-American manufacturers. In their own country on the other hand they always were and still are protected by a specific indemnity clause. Prof. Dr. Christian Förster is Start-Up Professor of Transcultural Studies with a focus on the social sciences at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context". Originally trained in law studies, he employs a transcultural perspective to examine the interrelation between Western and Eastern legal systems. The lecture will take place in the "Alte Aula" of Heidelberg University.

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