22 May
 The Pad Nightclub
 2 Lurke St - MK40 3HY - Bedford - United Kingdom
 In The Mix
In The Mix is a homegrown Hip-Hop night, formed organically for the heads by the heads. We aim to bring you a host of legends and current artists from a plethora of underground talent, past and present, Bi- Monthly. Bringing Hip Hop back to Bedford. Tell a Friend! BIG UPS to everyone that came to In The Mix #1. We had a majorly hype time putting it on and we hope you had a good time at the jam!!! We promised it was the first of many, so here's the 2nd In The Mix rinse out!!! - We are teaming up with Boom Bap Festival to bring you the Bedford Boom Bap Warm Up Party, to get you ready for the rinse out that is upon us @ Boom Bap Festival 2015 - Boom Bap Festival 5th - 7th June 2015, Tickets: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In The Mix Presents: - DABBLA & DJ FROSTY - (High Focus) - The term “Jack Of All Trades”, more often than not precludes the statement “Master Of None” and from CV’s to Singers “Versatility” is a buzzword bounded about with so much hyperbole it is almost clichéd. LDZ (London Zoo) front man Dabbla a.k.a Puppa Murc is the exception to the rule. With a junglist background, time served on the grime rave scene, a huge reputation in domestic Hip-Hop & an affiliation with Dubstep that began long before the phrase had even been coined, he is truly a chameleon of rhyme. With a conversational yet still poignant delivery, a witty yet still insightful turn of phrase and an ability to switch from the simplest of flows to the most complex in a heart beat, Dabbla manages to be both a rappers rapper and a fan favourite in the same song. While fronting LDZ, Dabbla has managed to; Have music played by many commercial & underground DJ’s including the late, great John Peel. Reach almost a million views with their first Official Video for the zeitgeist capturing Lips 2 Da Floor, taken from the group’s debut official release Living Long Ting (released on Dented Records, owned by the now legendary Foreign Beggars). Have music used in synchronising by Adidas for a viral add campaign and imbedded on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing and be head hunted to write the recent multi million pound ad campaign which has been heavily broadcast on TV’s nationwide. His ability to bring the same high level of energy & content while effortlessly switching genre’s has seen him take on Drum & Bass, Broken Beat, Favela Funk, Glitchcore & House, to the afore mentioned Dubstep, Jungle, Hip Hop & everything in between all to huge applause. This diverse range of styles has lead to him playing along side the likes of Chase & Status, Rahzel, Wu-Tang, Jeru the Damaja, The Beatnuts , Stereo Mc’s, Scratch Pervert’s, Plactician, Reeps 1, Adam F & many many more not to mention touring frequently with the mighty Foreign Beggars. The combination of high octane performances, huge stage presence & hilarious yet succinct content, over skull crackingly heavy beats of mixed genre have made Dabbla the go to booking for everything from Squat raves to Outdoor Festivals. Add to the success of Living Long Ting,The Puppa Murc EP, The Brainstorm LP, London Zoo EP, Catfood LP & the Debut release of the LDZ/Mattadigital single & Official Video for- Pressure ft. Stig Of The Dump (which had over 20k views within the first month) on new indie Pressed Records imprint. As well as continuing releases from LDZ, Dabbla also represents one third of new Hip Hop outfit Dead Players along side Jam Baxter & Ghosttown on High Focus Records . With being a founding member of super group Problem Child which includes Dubbledge, Illaman & Sumgii and currently smashing shows all over the country alongside Stig of the Dump as new 2 man crew The Barzini Bruvaz, it is clear the momentum behind your new favourite rapper shows no sign of slowing down. ► ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SKUFF - (Audio Danger Records) - Skuff is a rapper and producer from the UK. He is also a co-founder and designer at Supremebeing clothing. He's often considered an underrated talent in UK Hip Hop, responsible for the underground classic End of the World News LP ("important, essential shit" - DJ Magazine), and with a reputation for igniting live shows and ciphers. He has featured on records with Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva, Task Force, Phi Life Cipher, Dirty Dike & many more. Skuff delivers rap's trademark bravado with a touch of self depreciation ("I'm a grown damn man with a made-up name"), bringing brutal honesty, deft insight and subtle irony; all sometimes rare in hip hop. Clever wordplay, vocal posturing and straight-up bangers sit comfortably alongside tracks on love, friendship and loss, making the LP personal without being self indulgent. At times energising, often touching, skill full and brutally honest, above all it sounds really good when he raps. Production on Destroy Everything is handled by Skuff himself, Farma G (Task Force), Mr Constant, Bioviolence, Bee 109 (Delegates of Culture) and Inja. Featured guests are Life (Phi Life Cipher) Dirty Dike (Contact Play) S Class (Delegates of Culture) Inja & Slang Immaculate. Previous releases by Skuff include 'Headcleaners' 1& 2 with his crew Delegates of Culture, debut solo LP 'End of the World News' and 'The Skuff & Inja Show' LP with Inja. Free releases 'Deep Covers Project' & 'Smash Anything' came out as appetisers in 2011 & 2012, with Skuff's unlikely but poignant cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' being one of the stand out tracks. He also designs clothes, shoes, graphics, hats with New Era, makes videos, and done his own album cover as well. ► ► ► ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - TEAM DREEBS - (Yogocop Records) - (Illiterate, Awfer, Nuphzed, Mr Slipz) Team Dreebs are a collective of rappers, producers, DJ's and dreebers from all over the garden of England. Ranging from mellow slow jams to upbeat, high energy live shows the team all contribute their own flavour to the overall dreeb. Expect the unexpected and don't miss out on this chance to get dreeby. ► ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SICK NICK - Sick Nick is a local MC, who is known throughout the area as being a hard hitting MC and is very well regarded amongst the local Hip-Hop scene. He has been known to spit nevering ending freestyles over any type of beat and accapella. He is currently working on an EP.. Look out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ANT D & KNOX- Ant D and Knox are rappers from Bedfordshire who have been free-styling and writing lyrics for over 10 years to Hip-Hop, Drum And Bass and Grime. They have always had a passion for music from a young age whether it was going to shows and rave's or going down the youth club mc'ing after school. On a regular basis Ant, Knox and Gilz would meet up round 1 of there houses or at partys and piss around on mic's together. Around 2008 they met producer Marga D from Luton who was the first person who gave them a opportunity to record and make tracks such as Chronical Disease, I wish, and many others. Since then they have met several other producers like UAD who they have done work with and made tracks like Do it. They have also done events in the past with such acts as Nicky Blackmarket, Logan D, Harry Shotta, Mc Bassman, Dj Sly, Majistrate, Harry Bizzle and others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - JIVES - (Boom Bap) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - OPEN MIC CYPHER - If you've got skills, come down for the Open Mic Cypher... Due to the sheer amount of interest the open mic is back @ In The Mix #2.. You gotta be quick to secure a spot. Jives on the 1s & 2s MC’s Confirmed: ► Sick Nick ► Envy ► Bollins ► Ant D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Venue - The venue is a 5 minute walk from Bedford Train Station. It is situated in the heart of Bedford town centre, just off the high street. ► The Pad Nightclub ► 2 Lurke Street ► Bedford ► MK40 3HY ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PARKING - The venue does not have onsite parking facilities but a 10 second walk opposite the venue there is a multi storey car park, if anyone needs to park. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - HOTELS - ► The Mill Hotel (Bedford) ► 32-34 Mill Street, Bedford MK40 3HD ► 01234 359922 ► The Embankment Hotel (Bedford) ► 6 The Embankment, Bedford MK40 3PD ► 01234 261332 ► Holiday Inn Express (Bedford) ► Wilstead Road, Elstow, Bedford MK42 9BF ► 0871 902 1602 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - TICKETS - ► ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAXI'S: 01234 346666 / 01234 320032 / 01234 511247

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