16 May
 Haspin Acres
 21208 Laurel Road - 47024 - Laurel - United States
 Adam McHenry
This is joint event with Corn Fed Spartans. The Spartan Sprint is the smallest of the Spartan Race series. Think of the coolest obstacle course and/or endurance course you did in the service and multiply it times 100. That's a Spartan Race. When you sign up for the Spartan Sprint, please select the team "Corn Fed Spartans". Feel free to wear your TEAM RWB gear. Think of this as "Joint Operations". We will be running this race along side them and will be sharing the "Biggest Team" tent with them. For your running time, please select "Morning 9:00 a.m.-10:45 a.m.". About a week before the race, Spartan Race will assign us our exact team start time. Also, for everyone running the Hurricane Heat, please make sure you also sign up for the Hurricane Heat at the same time as you sign up for the Sprint. Make sure you select "Hurricane Heat Add-On" for an additional $25.00 instead of signing up for it separately. Since most of us are vets here, make sure you have a GovX account. GovX gives you the best discount with Spartan Race.

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