IN DEFIANCE OF THE GODS w/Panchrysia, Drawn Into Descent, Moss Upon The Skull, Witchtrail

 23 May
 De Jeppe
 Zenneweg 20 - 1980 - Zemst - Belgium
 Jef Moss
In this era of the second inquisition, these bands stand proud in defiance of the gods: PANCHRYSIA - Defending the unholy throne since 1998. DRAWN INTO DESCENT - Poets of blasphemy. MOSS UPON THE SKULL - Worshipers of the woodland spirit. WITCH TRAIL - Bringing the return of darkness and evil. Schedule: Witch Trail 19u30 Moss Upon The Skull 20u30 Drawn Into Descent 21u30 Panchrysia 22u30 Entrance: €5 The venue is very close to the railwaystation of Eppegem, easily attainable from Brussels, Mechelen, Antwerpen. The show will be done in time for you to get the last train back!

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