Image Constructive Critisicm Educationnal Workshop in Bouctouche

 29 May
  - - -
 Paula Lirette
Image Constructive Critisicm Educationnal Workshop in Bouctouche I will host an open class to stimulate your photography and learn new tips. You will not only learn from your own images but from those of others. You will also see if your computer screen is balanced (if you bring Prints). This is one of the best way to learn. It will also be very educationnal. Each image will be evaluated during the workshop and be given all positive comments and contructive criticism and lots of feedback. There will be 5 categories: 1-People 2-Scenics and Nature 3-Abtract 4-Animal and Pets 5-Other (subjects that don't fit in other categories) Cost to attend this event is 40$. To attend this event you must pay 50% in advance. Location: Bouctouche mall in Gisele Guimond`s painting class room across Dollar Store. Each person attending can bring any 5 images or digital files (but prints are way easier and moreeducationnal to learn from ) We will evaluate as much as we can in the 2 hour workshop Remember this is an excellent way to learn, improove your photography skills and have fun shooting. We will accept all photography subjects for this contest. Please refer to specific themes and rules posted. Location: Studio Time: 6h30pm to 8h30pm Doors will be open at 6h20pm. You can attend without entering images to learn from others but the best way is always to learn from your personal images.I will be answering questions also! Contact me for more info. This workshop will be evaluated by Paula Lirette.

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