Illinois / Florida Concealed Carry Class

 16 May
 Mount Vernon/Outland Airport
 100 Aviation Dr - 62864 - Mount Vernon - United States
 N-Sight Firearms Training
N-Sight Firearms Training offers 3 different approved Illinois Concealed Carry Classes. Each class is tailored to fit the needs of each individual student depending on their prior (State approved) training credits. Weather you need 8, 12, or 16 hours to obtain your CCW License we have a class for you. These classes will consist of, but will not be limited to the following subject matter. If you are unsure if which class you need or if you have any prior training credits please visit the (Accepted Courses for Prior Training Credit) on our Homepage for guidance. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us for help. Class cost includes lunch and are as follows: 8hr $110 12hr $145 16hr $170 Florida Non-Resident = Free 1. Firearm safety; a. 4 basic firearm handling safety rules b. Home storage c. Vehicle storage d. Public Storage 2. Basic principles of marksmanship; a. Stance b. Grip c. Sight Alignment d. Sight Picture e. Trigger Control 3. Care, cleaning, loading, and unloading of a concealable firearm; a. Gun identification: revolver, semi-automatic, misc. b. Ammunition identification and selection c. Safety and cleaning protocols d. Cleaning equipment e. Loading and unloading 4. All applicable State and Federal laws relating to the ownership, storage, carry, and Transportation of a firearm; a. The Act in its entirety, 1) With emphasis on 430 ILCS 66/10(h) which includes instruction on the appropriate and lawful interaction with law enforcement while transporting or carrying a concealed firearm. 2) With emphasis on 430 ILCS 66/65 which includes instruction on prohibited areas and the parking lot exception. b. The FOID Act 430 ILCS 65/1 et. seq. c. Relevant portions of the ILCS including but not limited to 1) 720 ILCS 5/7-1. Use of force in defense of a person** 2) 720 ILCS 5/7-2. Use of force in defense of dwelling** 3) 720 ILCS 5/7-3. Use of force in defense of other property** 5. Weapon Handling; a. Dry fire practice drills, handgun fundamentals b. Dry fire practice drills from concealment c. Live fire practice drills, handgun fundamentals d. Live fire qualification with a concealable firearm consisting of minimum of 30 rounds which must include 10 rounds from a distance of 5 yards; 10 rounds from a distance of 7 yards; and 10 rounds from a distance of 10 yards at a B-27 silhouette target approved by the Illinois State Police. No Live Ammunition in the Classroom All classroom subject matter will be taught at the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport (main building) in Mt. Vernon, IL . Our Range (with heated shooters shack) is located just a short 10 minute drive away at our private range. This is where all weapons handling, live fire, and qualification will take place. Class times are 8am - 5pm (Unless Otherwise Noted) Please arrive early to settle in What you will need: Valid F.O.I.D card Eye and ear protection Handgun of choice (You will get two chances to qualify) please choose wisely Belt Holster for Handgun of choice Min 50 Rounds of ammunition Suggested 100 Rounds (for the Handgun of choice) Proper clothing (NO low cut shirts, NO high heels, and NO flip flops) 1 pencil 1 pen 1 notepad No Live Ammunition in the Classroom @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vd3d3Lm5zaWdodGZpcmVhcm1zLmNvbS86Og==:]

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