30 May
 Upper Coomera Road, Ferny Glen (Illinbah) - look for red MTB sign on road opposite entry lane
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 Harvey Power
Time to get our Downhill track and road systems working again after all the rain since Xmas where we have received in excess of 1,200mm to date!! As you can imagine the track whilst still maintaining its line is covered in high grass which needs to be slashed. Nothing that half a dozen brushcutters in the hands of willing workers won't fix pretty quickly!! Also, as part of our Club Agreement with the property owner of Saddleback which we access to the start line, we are responsible for keeping the Spoon Drains on either side of the bitumen road clear of debris. Obviously with the amount of rain received down there, these drains are blocked and causing some problems with erosion of the bitumen which need to be rectified immediately! The track will need some work on it and I will leave that to Mick (Doppo) and his band of 'trail ferrets' to organise in conjunction with this activity. We have also got Pete Wilson - Trailworx organised to bring his excavators down and give the berms, gaps and jumps a bit of a touch up so the track runs the way you like it - technical, fast and rough as guts in places! There are trees down in various places including the forests but nothing that a couple of trusty Stihl chainsaws won't fix in the blink of an eyelid!! We need willing workers to help get the track sorted quickly so we can run some ride days before Round 5 SEQ DH Series to be held here 25/26 July 2015. We also need those willing workers to bring along sturdy Brush Cutters, Chainsaws and Fire Rakes. We have plenty of Spades/Shovels and other digging equipment but bring your own if you prefer! Realistically, we need at least 20 workers in order to make an impression. There won't be any riding done on this day because there is just too much work to be done and it is the same day as the Club AGM which a number of us are to attend in Nerang. I might add that anyone is welcome to attend the AGM to show support and introduce ideas into our Club!! Make sure you bring sturdy workwear including boots, protective clothing, hats, sunscreen, food and nibbles, heaps of water and a great attitude. The sooner we get the track up and running, the sooner we can run some ride days including freebies for those who turn up and put in a solid days work for us! If you have any questions, respond to this post and we will answer so the rest of the crew are aware of what is happening. We will meet at the Shipping Container near bottom of the Track on the river flats. Please be on time so we can split into groups and get you underway as quickly as possible!!

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