I.K.U. This is not LOVE. This is SEX. - Screening and Q&A with Shu Lea Cheang

 19 May
 Berlin con mucho arte
 Manteuffelstraße 42 - 10997 - Berlin - Germany
 COVEN Berlin
In the frame of COVEN BERLIN's queer feminist art festival "I'D RATHER BE A GODDESS THAN A CYBORG," we are delighted to host Shu Lea Cheang's most iconic movie, I.K.U. and to have the chance to chat about it with her in person. ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Shu Lea Cheang is a multimedia art pioneer working since the eighties. She has has worked in the field of net-based installation, social interface, networked performance and film production. Her work traverses between hard and soft, sex and politics, fiction and reality, fantasia and earth-bound. One of her major works, Brandon (1998-1999) gathers its name from brutally murdered young transman Brandon Teena and conveys the "fluidity and ambiguity of gender and identity in contemporary societies." It was also the first web-based commisioned art work by the Guggenheim Museum in New York. A prime example of cyberfeminism, Brandon utilizes technology as a means to break down social assumptions about gender in both the realm of technology and in society at large. Cheang's focus is set on deconstructing the economic machinations of the Internet: its virtual and real exchanges of commodities driven by profit, power, and desire. ABOUT THE MOVIE I.K.U. is a 2001 independent film marketed as "a Japanese Sci-Fi Porn Feature". The film was partially inspired by Blade Runner(1982) and is set in or about the year 2030. I.K.U.'s premise involves a futuristic corporation sending shapeshifting cyborgs out into New Tokyo to collect "orgasm data" by means of sexual intercourse. The title is a pun on the Japanese word iku (行く) which, in sexual slang, is used to express an orgasm. I.K.U. premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. It marks the first time a pornographic film was selected for competition in the festival. According to director Shu Lea Cheang, approximately 40 percent of the audience walked out over the course of the film, predominately during the sex scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyt4UwgMsS0 Doors open at 19:00 - Screening starts at 19:30 Due to very limited seats at Kleiner Salon, there will be a second screening May 20th at 22:00 in Moviemento! Event supported by Mobile Kino and Kleiner Salon

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