Igniting Your Path to Wholeness: Personal Medicine Wheel

 02 June
 Igniting Spirit, Portland, OR
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 Karen Hefner
9 Sessions - Local Event - 6-9pm PST Tuesday nights beginning in June This workshop is an opportunity to build a personal relationship with the Medicine Wheel, and familiarize yourself with some of the power, magic, and wisdom contained within. This workshop will be a mix of discussion, journaling, guided imagery, play, ritual, collage, shamanic journey, indoor and outdoor work, and self-discovery. The context of this approach is informed by the natural world, and by each participant's own experience and life journey. It is a cross-cultural look at a concept that is understood to be a vital truth and tenet of most indigenous people, from all traditions, all over the world. The Medicine Wheel is a cross-cultural tool used to represent the sacred connections of life. With this tool, you gain insight and understanding into who you are and why you are here. It has been used for ritual, healing, and teaching purposes since before the written word. The Medicine Wheel can represent your career, your relationships, your physical health, your spirituality-the possibilities are endless. By examining your own personal wheel, you can identify areas in your life that are out of balance and need attention. When your wheel is balanced, you are living from a place of joy and wholeness. Work with the Medicine Wheel does not require complicated ritual or extensive knowledge. It begins in the heart with prayer. The heart knows the Mystery. What one participant wrote about Karen's approach to this teaching: "Karen's teachings surrounding the Medicine Wheel opened a door for me into this sacred symbol. I left with a personal connection that will forever be with me, and with a connection that will continue to grow. Karen helped me connect my own heart to the Medicine Wheel." KJM, Portland, Oregon The cost of this workshop is $360 This can be paid each session ($40) The class will be held at Igniting Spirit: 3930 SE Madison Street Portland, OR 97214

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