22 May
 Stuart, VA, United States
  - 24171 - -
 Chan Harrison
http://ignite-burn.com/ Where: The Ignite! Planning Association is excited to announce that "Ignite! The Transformus Town Hall Burn" has found a new home in the picturesque mountains near Stuart, Virginia at Spirithaven Farm! Situated in a small valley just west of Stuart, VA, and just across the North Carolina / Virginia border, Spirithaven is owned and maintained by the Eutsler family, who have been holding a small bellydance festival (Darbukastan Independance Day) for 15 years - as well as a medium sized summer music festival (Front Porch Fest) for 8 years. The Eutslers and the operators of Front Porch Fest have put in an amazing amount of work to keep this land beautiful and to build a spiritual home - a haven if you will - for all who find themselves there. This lovely property features a large pavilion stage area for center camp and 2 smaller stages perfect for Playforms and community gatherings. There is open field camping plus under tree camping. The under tree area has been meticulously cleared of brush and debris, leaving shaded spots desirable for tent placement. The land search committee did an incredible amount of work to find us this new home for Ignite! The IPA and BoD have approved this land choice and are extremely excited about this location. We've already fallen in love with the land and the landowners (who are burners at heart though they don't yet know it), and we're certain you will love it just as much. More details about the land and what you can expect will be forthcoming as we get closer to the burn. When: Ignite! 2015 will be held on Memorial Day weekend. Gates open to the public on Friday, May 22nd 2015 and exodus will be on Monday, May 25th 2015. Summertime is chock full of burns and events and we recognize that there are other things happening around the same time as Ignite. We have found that this particular weekend is the only viable option for Ignite! and believe that we can respectfully coexist with other events happening around this time. Tickets: Ignite! tickets will go on sale on March 1st 2015 for $50 plus taxes and fees. We have a set ticket cap of 500 adults this year with some tickets held in reserve for critical attendees. As an all ages burn Ignite! allows and encourages families to bring their little burners with them. Baby Burners under 5 will be allowed in for free and those under 13 only pay $25 for a ticket. All persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian who is legally responsible for them during the event. Tickets will be available online until they run out. There will be no gate sales of tickets. About Ignite: Originally blossoming out of Transformus's Town Hall and work-play weekend, Ignite! has become a burn in its own right. Much like Transformus houses the city of Mysteria, Ignite! raises the city of Combustia. This is the place where your burner spark can be fanned into flame for the year as you make new friends, learn together, and dance the night away. At Ignite! there is a focus on "Learn 'n Burn," where you, the community, can bring your knowledge and skills to share with others via our platforms for playful learning, which we call "Playforms". Originally started in 2013 the Playform concept has been met with resounding success and positive community feedback. Helping our community learn and grow is part of what makes Ignite! special. Never fear though, Ignite! has all the nighttime fun you expect from a good burn: theme camps, music, dancing, fire performances, an effigy burn, and interesting sights to see. Ignite! is an all ages burn where family presence is encouraged! There is a neighborhood for families named "Kindleton" where those with little burners can camp together, and we even have playforms just for kids such as the "wiggle worm pentathlon" and several art projects for them from last year. This year, we have a "Kids Liaison," who will help create fun activities aimed at our little sparks. Last year we held a playform to allow young burners of all ages to build small effigies which we burned during the weekend. This year we're turning the baby burner effigies into our Sunday Art/Temple Burn, and we feel this is a fantastic way to have the young ones participate in the event - not only by creating art, but taking part in the immediacy and ephemeral nature of what we build. More information on kid focused events will be coming over the next months.

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