ICA Pre-Conference: Advancing Public Diplomacy Research: Bringing Together Political Communication and Public Relations

 21 May
 Puerto Rico
  - - -
 Lee Edwards
Public diplomacy has been the focus of scholarship in both political communication and public relations, yet the two disciplines have worked separately, for the most part, in terms of developing a research agenda that would contribute to the advancement of public diplomacy. This pre-conference will help spark discussion that can lead to new collaborative initiatives between these interdisciplinary fields, and illuminate tangible methods to investigate public diplomacy and nation branding from different angles and perspectives. Papers that address political communication and international public relations concepts and strategies in public diplomacy contexts are invited for review. Appropriate topics include a range of ideas that illustrate conceptual and practical connections in political communication and public relations, and discuss how interdisciplinary research from these fields could inform public diplomacy thinking and practices. Papers should be submitted in abstract form. Abstracts (no longer than 500 words + references) should be emailed to kafitzpa@fiu.edu by November 10, 2014. Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors before January 15, 2015

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