IBRO-APRC Associate School: Cognitive neuroscience on functional human brain mapping

 22 May
 Tehran, Iran
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 IBRO (International Brain Research Organization)
The purpose of this school is to provide an opportunity for postgraduate students in the Asia-Pacific region to acquire cornerstone knowledge of both theoretical and technical key areas of Functional Human Brain Mapping with three main separate lines focused on Decision Making, Executive Functions and Vision. The school provides two full days with 10 lectures and three days with opportunities to participate in a variety of laboratory projects based on the selected line. Hands on experience with 3 Tesla MRI Scanner, EEG/ERP amplifiers, tDCS/rTMS devices and analysis software packages will provide the audience with a unique opportunity to experience data acquisition and analysis under the supervision of senior investigators and professors. Last day of the school is devoted to proposal writing and discussion about research ideas for future projects. Participants will enjoy a full day of cultural visit in Tehran on the fourth day of the school. Applications open until February 15, 2015! http://ibro.info/events/applications-open-for-the-ibroaprc-tehran-school-2/

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