Ian D.Montfort

 05 June
 Poppy and Pint
 Pierrepont Road - NG2 5DX - Nottingham - United Kingdom
 Trap 6 Events
Ian D Montfort, spirit medium, will put on a show that will amaze as well as entertain. For those who don't know, Ian is a character created by multi award winning comedian and presenter Tom Binns, who was voted a Foster's Comedy God in 2010. He has also appeared in the IT Crowd, Spooks and Alan Partridge as well as hosting shows on Virgin Radio, Talksport UK and BRMB. Ian channels conversations from "the other side", reveals the deepest darkest secrets of the audience. You may have heard his critcally acclaimed series 'Ian D. Montfort is unbelievable' on BBC Radio 2 in 2013 and nows the chance to see him in person. "Ian D Montfort, is a spookily skilful, wonderfully observed and hysterically funny character who contacts dead celebrities with incredible results. A monster hit at the Edinburgh Fringe" TIME OUT LONDON “Ian D Montford, a gloriously deadpan pseudo-psychic. His show – Touching the Dead begins with laughable attempts to work the audience and and then Binns starts unleashing faintly inexplicable clairvoyant revelations, leaving most of the room gasping with incredulity. So he can spoof it, and really ‘do it’”. TELEGRAPH “Binns makes a triumphant return as the Sunderland psychic Ian D Montfort, mixing eerily good cold-reading skills with a joyful debunking of the genre” INDEPENDENT

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