I wear blue For the Oceans

 10 June
 virtual & international
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 The Blue Project
welcome to the blue project event!! if you are here you are wearing blue For the Oceans. this is a virtual international collaborative creative effort to raise awareness to effect change. For the Oceans are essential, beautiful, unknown. and are being destroyed quickly. Please submit a blue photo and where you are from (e.g. country). This could be anything that represents your support to raise awareness for the magnificent oceans: to bring to universal consciousness that the oceans and all sealife are being killed. Each of us has the responsibility to be a voice for the oceans. The hope is to make a massive international united visual statement that will inspire, educate, and incite the proaction that is critically needed now. When the oceans die: we die. There is no dying. There is dead. It is past the eleventh hour. This is also to acknowledge all your efforts for the oceans. if you are a group org. page etc. please comment your info so others may support you too. Goal is to get the whole planet blue by World Oceans Day!! How it works: submit a blue photo w. your country. +additional information is optional There are many examples of a blue photo. It may be as simple as turning your profile photo blue or wearing something blue or hold up a sign w. a message scrawled in blue. Group photos and children are welcome. Photographers, artists, scientists, groups, communities, organisations, proactionaries and proadvocates are invited to share your photo good works. All photos For the Oceans will be accepted. No one is excluded from attending. My dogs will be attending. if you are not on facebook please send your photo to theblueproject.xyz@gmail.com. if you are not submitting a photo you may please still attend: you click yourself as going and please simply comment your country. You will be acknowledged in the final photo album. There are many venues to raise awareness. This event will conclude w. an album of your blue photos and voices For the Oceans that is accessible to all across the planet. please note: Once your photo is submitted it becomes property of The Ochre Project for use in the final album and any other TOP endeavours. For current issues, essential facts, links and further ways to get involved please visit the blue project page: and the Bees, Trees & Seas community: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bees-Trees-and-Seas/1502096720059116?ref=tn_tnmn The Blue Project Event is a collaboration of the ochre project and the Bees, Trees & Seas Community. Together w. your support we will achieve global interest and appreciation of the oceans thru the combination of arts, sciences, technologies and experience towards the purpose of education, preservation, restoration and enhancement of marine life for a humane and sustainable earth. theblueproject.xyz & beestreesandseas.org

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