Human Contact Project: a contact Improvisation workshop with Karl Frost

 06 June
 Vancouver, Canada
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 Karl Frost
A contact improvisation workshop with Karl Frost tentatively June 7/8 in Vancouver (location and times TBA) -- Hi all... I am going to be in and out of touch for a bit at Unistoten Camp, but Joni Cooke is trying to set up a workshop for me in Vancouver. we'll try to update this as we get more details. comment if you think you can come, or if you can't but might be able to do another weekend. -- exploring the improvisational play of human contact, developing deeper sensitivities to physical detail and a sense of the poetic play of human contact contact improvisation as a base, but moving beyond this into references from physical theater, release technique, and somatic psychotherapy The Material The Human Contact Project explores a reframing of the art of contact improvisation… diving into subtle level awareness of the physics and neurology of two bodies in contact combined with an open sense of the poetics of human beings encountering each other. Physical Poetics We look at our sense of meaning in movement… a sense of the poetics of interaction, whether in kinesthetics and physics or in the poetry of sensation, emotion, and experienced image. We play with holding onto themes and frames of reference in the dance in a sense of collaborative art-making that moves us literally and metaphorically. The poetry is the poetry of inner experience shaped by and interlocking with the physical. I collaborate with you on the poetry of your experience. You collaborate with me in the poem which is mine. It is both real and kind of interactive theater. A Release Approach to Contact Improvisation We increase moment-to-moment functional awareness through tuning into proprioception – our physical experience of the body – allowing for greater ease, speed, and power. Through more sophisticated movement intelligence (as opposed to “muscling through”) we find a more dynamic perception in time, informed by our accumulated skills but less hindered by attachment to physical habit. Through releasing patterns of hyper-control, we find dense, rich awareness of and participation in human interaction. for more details and for registration, visit the website

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