Huicholes: The last Peyote Guardians in Edinburgh

 16 May
 Pleasance Courtyard
 60 Pleasance - EH8 9TJ - Edinburgh - United Kingdom
 Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians
Kabopro Films and the Mexican Society from the University of Edinburgh kindly invite you to the screening of the documentary HUICHOLES: The last Peyote guardians. Experience a shamanic blessing and learn about the Huichol people’s harrowing battle to protect their sacred mountain, the Wirikuta, against the destruction of the surface mining by First Majestic Silver Corp. The native people to this land are launching a spiritual crusade to protect life, documenting the internal contradictions of our materialistic world. Peyote is a hallucinogenic plant used for sacred rituals and ceremonial healings by the Huicholes tribe. Two Huichol shamans - Don José Ramirez ‘Uxamuire’ and his son Enrique Ramirez ‘Haikuka - asked Hernan Vilchez, the documentary director, to share their story, and are travelling the world to raise awareness about their cause. They will also come to the University of Edinburgh, where you are warmly invited to partake in the blessing and enjoy the movie. Program: Introduction by director Hernan Vilchez Huichol blessing by Don José Ramirez ‘Uxamuire’ and his son Enrique Ramirez ‘Haikuka’, shamans and main protagonists of the documentary Movie Q&A session ---------------------------- Although the event is free, voluntary donations are encouraged either on the day or via the eventbrite website (Suggested donation of £5). That is the way to finance this self-sustained project and tour. Please note: Tickets are free but you must reserve via Eventbrite in order to guarantee a place

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