How To Publish A Book To Boost My Brand & Biz PRIVATE RETREAT

 24 May
 Saratoga Springs, NY, United States
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 The Queendom Of Wealth
Attention: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in USA, Canada and Atlantic border countries DISCOVER THE SECRETS AND STEPS OF PUBLISHING A BOOK TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS & BRAND... EASILY! You'll Also Discover How To Make Your Book A Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle, How To Get It In to Bookstores and Also What It Will Take to Possibly Make the NYT Best-Seller list and How You Could Pick up A Publishing Deal too - that would be pretty cool! ... Plus How To Get Your Book On To Apple iPads & Android Tablets So You Can Tap In To The Biggest Digital Community, the Mobile User Marketplace. YEP, THIS RETREAT HAS IT ALL! Hi, I'm Jen, CEO of Go Global Publishing. I'm a Best-selling, Published Author and Apple, Google and Amazon Book and App Store Strategist and Specialist. I'm hosting this Exclusive 3 day Private Retreat in Miami (New York USA) on 24, 25, 26 May 2015. It's primary focus is on getting your expertise in to a book using a proven, successful system for self-publishing with a framework that is also what a Publishing House would want from you if they were to offer you a deal. At The Retreat, you will get started, progressed, finished (you will work at your own pace) ... on your way to being published on to the largest buyer platforms on the planet today, starting with Amazon and then Apple and Google too. These power-house marketing machines of Amazon, Apple and Google are looking for business entrepreneurs just like you and they have everything set up and ready to host and promote your Book, Business and Brand for you! You just need to know the What, Why and How To do what it takes to make them work powerfully for you. Our System of successful self-publishing for the purpose of bringing new, qualified leads in to your sales funnel will form the foundation for the work you will do at the Retreat and the outcomes you will achieve. BE ABOVE AVERAGE AND PLAN FOR BETTER THAN WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS TRYING TO DO ... I will help you construct your book to be more than just an Amazon Best-seller. Using the publishing industry Synopsis standards and formula, you'll not ONLY write a book for your brand and business but you'll also create it in a way that you can pitch it to a Publishing House if you want to. And to people 'in the know' in your own marketplace, your book will be a stand-out as one that's written like a professional. By writing your book that way, imagine actually getting a Publishing deal too! You could be paid an advance for your second, third, fourth book and more. You would quickly be elevated and positioned as the absolute 'go-to' expert in your field or industry. It means so much more when someone else is backing you. A credential like that will help build your business so much easier for you. It did for me back in 2008 when I got my first publishing deal after self-publishing prior to that for several years. Imagine the additional media opportunities that can open up for you and your business as well. You could develop a speaking career out of it, be a regular on talk shows, even host your own show and be paid to travel the world to share your knowledge, experience and expertise. This happened for me and I can give you the insider tips to constructing a way to make it happen for you too. You've been building your business the hard way really and it's time to get some better leverage at the top of your sales funnel so you can grow and start to fulfil the vision you are out to achieve. And that's why this Retreat is so important for you do NOW! You need to find a way to be at it - you've worked too hard for too long without the leverage of Author maximised for you (Not to mention Speaker and Media Presenter possibilities too.) Getting to this Retreat means getting the foundations and framework set up right to take this as far as you like. The Retreat offers you a setting to learn the strategies and steps (and put them in to practice) with direct input, guidance and expert assistance from me and my team. It's the personal aspects of an intimate Retreat such as this, rather than a large seminar room or an isolated home-study course, that gives you direct access and the ability to take the correct, immediate marketplace action that will make ALL the difference to being set up for success ... making sure you actually get it done, in a way that's geared for best-seller (and beyond) success - for the purpose of building your business with new leads. And equally important, you'll be supported along your journey to Best-seller too, from ALL of us at the Retreat, as we form a like-minded micro-community (known as a Collaboration Circle). This Private Retreat includes: - 1 hour private consultation with me to craft your core message so you can express it succinctly - 1 day seminar-style teaching from me personally - 2 days of practical writing, workshopping and masterminding, with me as well as other Retreat guests. - 5 x Follow Up Webinars for Publishing & Promoting your book, once the final manuscript is complete. - PLUS More (read on ...) BREAKTHROUGH SYSTEM TEACHES YOU HOW TO USE APPLE, GOOGLE & AMAZON STRATEGICALLY! You will also receive: - The "Go Global Publishing For Profit Pyramid" Blueprint that reveals how I achieved AU, USA & UK visibility and notability from my couch at home ... quickly (within days), cheaply (less than $300) and easily (that's the couch part). There will also be a BONUS SESSION on how to integrate and promote your book AND business using Mobile Apps to gain maximum exposure in the mobile user marketplace. And also a BONUS SESSION on how to turn the main message of your book in to a TED-style Talk. I'll also reveal how to get yourself on a TED Stage with it and share my experience speaking at TED in 2010. HA! You thought you should just write a book as a lead generator and maybe be an Amazon Best-seller for one day didn't you? Well I challenge you .... Why not step up and write your book to build your business and brand and also allow it to be SO MUCH MORE - it's actually NO EXTRA EFFORT OR COST to get that much more out of it. You just have to know what the publishing and media industries wants from you and then how to put them to work for you. Come on, there's a MUCH BIGGER Game to play and if you're great at what you do, play the game like the Leaders do - strategically and methodically. Lock in the dates and secure your spot using the link above on this page. You'll be delighted to learn the total price for all of this is less than the cost of most home-study courses that only teach you how to be an Amazon Best-seller for a day and that's because your friends buy your book, not because your book is truly great (no offence but let's be 'fair dinkum' here). You would have to buy at least 3 different courses just to equal the content you'll get directly and personally from me. And then you STILL don't have that personal, direct contact to ask your specific questions and get customised answers like you will do at the Retreat with me. Your investment would normally be $4995 - and yes, I know it's a bargain, especially considering my daily consultancy fee is $3500. It would normally cost you two times the price of this Retreat just to get access to me yet you'll have that access day and night over the 3 days of The Retreat. And I have a great saving on the normal price too to make this an absolute 'no-brainer' for you ... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BOOK BEFORE 15 APRIL AND SAVE 75% Off my normal daily consultancy fee x 3! For 3 days access to me, you would normally pay $10,500 but at this Retreat, if you get in early enough, you'll pay just $2650. Book right now, via the link above and you can even use a payment plan if it means you can get to The Retreat AND ultimately have Apple, Google and Amazon promoting for you soon. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * There are already 2 people coming and I can only work with a total of 8 as a private group so if you have ANY interest in working on your book with my help, experience and support, please let me know here. Cheers, Jen Appreneur - CEO Go Global Publishing, Home of Awesome Publications - 2 Time Best Selling Author (published print in bookstores and digitally) - Number 1 Amazon Recommendation - Top Ranking Mobile App Expert - Kick-arse Coach and Mentor "Committed to helping you get great stuff done and shared worldwide - strategically and profitably." Please note: We will work together as a TEAM over the 3 days, supporting and caring for each other as we would hope to be by each other. PS: This Retreat is as much about forming a "Collaboration Circle" of on-going support as it is about getting your expertise in to your best-seller book. After all, once your book is ready to publish, you'll really appreciate the extra help and support. PPS: Oh and we love to giggle and have fun so bring your happy energy along with you.

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