How to Cultivate Mindfulness with Master Yoga and Meditation teacher Michele Hébert

 16 May
 RIMAC 4th Floor Conference Room
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 UC San Diego FitLife
Mindfulness practices help you cultivate concentration and focus and experience the truth of each moment as it presents itself to you. In this workshop you will learn to direct your awareness away from past and future thoughts and bring your attention into the present moment. In the NOW, you can create a space of freedom where calmness and happiness can grow. In the NOW, you are able to be less emotionally reactive and more fully present in a non-judgmental way to the events and people who show up in your life. Mindfulness practices will include mindful eating, body awareness, breath awareness and meditation. C.E. Credits available for Yoga Instructors $25 for UC San Diego Students, $30 for Recreation Card Holders, $35 for General Public About your instructor: Michele Hébert is a master yoga and meditation teacher, a natural nutritionist, an author and a pioneer in women’s wellness and spirituality. Michele has been teaching yoga for over thirty years. She was personally trained by Raja Yoga Master Walt Baptiste who instilled in her the philosophy “from a sound base upward”. As a result of her unique training in yoga, meditation, nutrition and bodybuilding she is considered to be one of the pioneers of mind-body-spirit integration in the U.S. health and fitness industry. Michele is a former media spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise in the area of Mind-Body-Spirit Integration and developed the first meditation-based stress management program at the renowned Scripps Clinic. Parking is free on the weekends unless marked otherwise.

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