16 May
 La Grande Halle De La Villette
  - 75019 - Paris - France
 KhaLvyn Mizrahi
ΩLΨMPIΔDΣS βΔLL Villette Street Festival se met à l’heure du voguing et lève le voile sur un mouvement né dans les années 70 et aujourd’hui largement popularisé par des icônes de la mode et de la pop culture. Pour cette occasion unique, la House of Mizrahi, écurie pionnière de la scène voguing américaine, présente l’Olympiades Ball, un bal vogue librement inspiré de le Grèce antique. C’est tous les disciples de la scène Ball Room parisienne qui s’affronteront à travers les différentes catégories du genre (Bizarre, Realness, Vogue Femme, Butch Queen etc…) afin de recréer un véritable Mont Olympe peuplé de divinités aux poses et costumes extravagants. Une expérience à ne pas manquer en compagnie de deux des membres fondateurs de la House of Mizrahi : André et Jack Mizrahi venus tout spécialement de New York pour l’occasion, sans oublier les maitres de cérémonie : Mounir Katché & Zolanski LaDurée ! Jury : And're Mizrahi ( US ) Lasseindra Ninja (FR) Alex Mugler (US) … Speakers : Jack Mizrahi (US) , Zolanski LaDurée & Mounir Katché Djs: Betty (House Of Mizrahi / Bonus Stage) (FR) CVNT TRAXXX (UK) Manaré (FR) Gardez la pose! l’Olympiades ball sera suivi d’une block party spécial voguing en compagnie de Betty et Kiddy Smile vogυə, or vogυιng, ιѕ a нιgнly ѕтylιzəd, мodərn нoυѕə dancə тнaт əvolvəd oυт oғ тнə нarləм вallrooм ѕcənə ιn тнə 1980ѕ. ιт gaιnəd мaιnѕтrəaм əхpoѕυrə wнən ιт waѕ ғəaтυrəd ιn мadonna'ѕ ѕong and vιdəo "vogυə" (1990),and wнən ѕнowcaѕəd ιn тнə 1990 docυмənтary parιѕ ιѕ вυrnιng вall cυlтυrə, тнə нoυѕə ѕyѕтəм, тнə вallrooм coммυnιтy and ѕιмιlar тərмѕ dəѕcrιвə an υndərgroυnd lgвт ѕυвcυlтυrə ιn тнə υnιтəd ѕтaтəѕ and now ιn əυropə ιn wнιcн pəoplə "walĸ" ғor тropнιəѕ and prιzəѕ aт əvənтѕ ĸnown aѕ вallѕ. ѕoмə wнo walĸ alѕo dancə; oтнərѕ coмpəтə ιn drag gənrəѕ, тryιng тo paѕѕ aѕ a gəndər and ѕocιal claѕѕ. мoѕт parтιcιpanтѕ ιn вall cυlтυrə вəlong тo groυpѕ ĸnown aѕ "нoυѕəѕ" тнə нoυѕə oғ мιzraнι waѕ вorn 20 yəarѕ ago ғroм ғaтнər andr'ə мιzraнι & jacĸ мιzraнι вυт тoday wə arə cələвraтιng тнə growтн oғ тнə parιѕ cнapтər oғ тнə мιzraнι нoυѕə вroυgнт тo lιғə вy ləgəndary мoтнər ѕтəғғιə , тнə naмə oғ тнə нoυѕə rəѕonaтəd aмong мoѕт oғ тнə вallѕ ιn əυropə wιтн тнə lιĸəѕ oғ nəυтron and ғaιтн мιzraнι вυт now тнə ғaмιly нaѕ grown вιggər and ιт ιѕ тιмə ғor yoυ тo gəт тнə wнolə pιcтυrə coмə мəəт υѕ ғor an əvənт oғ anтιc ғυn ∇ΩGUΣ ҒΣMMΣ ΩTΔ You are the ultimate warrior , keeper of the valhalla kingdom, bring it like Hercules or Xena and get your 10's using the weapon of your choice in your performance ( no anachrosnism please ) βΔβΨ ∇ΩGUΣ You are the Gods worst nightmare ! The Titans ! You have been put to sleep by Zeus for too long and now that you are awake you are hungry ! Come with your golden outfit and get your tens by showing all five elements on house music RΣΔLΠΣSS ШITH Δ TШIST Kings and Queens ruled over antic greece but all their power was measured by the greatness of their army Twister bring it in a red and white outfit like the gladiator ready to slay everybody and be the only one standing ШΩMΔΠ ∇ΩGUΣ Athena is the patron goddess of heroic endeavour. Women bring it in a green greek inspired attire and a warrior helmet to get your tens only using 2 elements ΩLD ШΔΨ All the cities over the ancient world were dealing with their own trouble and young noble used to be key holder of the city , they were deciding of the fate of the city Bring it in a golden leaves crown and give a pop spin and dip performance to get your tens ΔMΣRICΔΠ RUΠШΔΨ Part Man Part Bull and Cursed to protect the Maze , you are the minotaur , be inventive ΣURΩPΣΔΠ RUΠШΔΨ Changed into a monster with snake as hair by Athena because she had sex with poseidon in one of her temple , you are Medusa , be creative βIZΔRRΣ You Are a mythical animal with parts taken from various animals, or to describe anything composed of very disparate parts, or perceived as wildly imaginative, implausible, or dazzling Be Creative ШΩMΣΠ ҒΔCΣ Troublemaker and Temptress in chief , The Goddess of love and Beauty was undeniably the most desired creature in the world , Come to present a flawless face to the juges in a Blond Wig Showcasing Your Features in the best way you can SΣX SIRΣΠ Mermaids were deadly Mystical Creatures Who Could Seduce Sailors just with the sound of their voices ! Perpetuate the tradition of celebrating the sensualisation of this mystical creatures and get your 10’s by crawling all the way on the catwalk while Keeping It Sexy βUTCH QUΣΣΠ ҒΔCΣ Narcise was the most beautiful man on earth but because of a curse , he could never see his reflection !! his mother had every single mirror in the kingdom destroyed but he died trying to kiss his reflection on the river Bring It With a Dark Haired Wig and Showcase Your Features in the best way you can

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