House Band [REDACTED]

 31 May
  - - -
 Chuck Narad
Join us for another great house concert on the best damned driveway in Los Altos! Yes, two in one month! House Band [REDACTED] features a collection of bluegrass musicians you probably know, who will sound great together! The musicians have chosen to remain anonymous because why not, so you'll have to trust our musical taste with this fine ensemble. (Anybody who knows something about anything, no spilling the beans!) As usual, there will be an (optional) potluck at 2:30 where you might have a chance to hang out with [REDACTED] or with [REDACTED], or share a beer with [REDACTED], or have [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] down at the [REDACTED], followed by the show at 3:30. We're asking for a $25 donation for the musicians. ----- Here's how our system works. You send email requesting space, which is first come first served. We send you a confirmation email with payment instructions (not immediately, we do these in batches.) You send the money. We send a second confirmation email the week before the show with info. My spreadsheet and I are our ticket service, so please make my life easier by keeping things in one place for me. THERE IS ONE WAY, AND ONLY ONE WAY, TO REQUEST SPACE AT THIS PRIVATE EVENT: *** EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO, SUBJECT "HOUSE BAND [REDACTED]", and state how many spaces you want (1-4). *** DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL TELLING YOU TO DO SO. We'll change this page when all spaces are spoken for. WAYS TO NOT REQUEST A RESERVATION: - Facebook messages - Email to private email addresses - Posting here that you are coming - Telling us, at a show somewhere - Clicking on "Going" - Clicking on "Like" - Telepathic messages - Interpretive dance

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