Hoffice Dufferin Grove Park + Hoffice Potluck Supper Picnic

 28 May
 Dufferin Grove Park
 875 Dufferin Street - M6H - Toronto - Canada
 Tanya Dunn
You're invited to attend North America's 1st. Outdoor Hoffice! MEET by 0830 at The Reflexology Footpath dedicated to Jenna Morrison. My friend who died tragically in a bike accident. We will choose a park location together and post to this page. Call Tanya Dunn 647 764 4325. Hoffice Dufferin Grove Park + Hoffice Toronto's 1st Picnic Potluck on Thursday May 28, 2015 8:30am to 6:00pm Rain Date: Thursday June 18, 2015 We will hoffice outdoors sitting at picnic tables, or on blankets with our backs against trees from 8:30am - 4:00pm. Sadly, there is no wifi that I knowof to access. Bring water, snacks, lunch, a sweater, ( it's an average of 15-23 degrees Celsius in T dot then.) Bring whatever you need for 6 hoffice work rounds. Sunglasses, yoga mats +/or cushions for yoga and mindfulness meditation on the breaks. Bring your Twister gameboard for games of Twister on the breaks! Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, art making gear, potato sacks, or string for 3 legged races :) The Farmer's Market opens at 3:00pm, so people can purchase or bring your own foods, a salad fixing, a protein, etc. for the Hoffice Picnic Potluck from 4:00 to 6:00pm. We will have lots of beautiful light and sunshine to hoffice in. Al fresco, getting work done! Allison Eady,co-admin of Toronto Time Bank & Hoffice.nuHoffice Toronto are collaborating. She will share our events with her group, and vice versa. They are like-minded folks interested in the barter/gift share/trade economy, like us. http://www.torontotimebank.com/about-us/ We at Hoffice Toronto want your feedback! Please let us know what you feel and think about this idea and how you would like to participate. Anyone who has media contacts, please invite them. ( David, please tell Mary Wiens at CBC. Manjula, please invite Matt Galloway for me! He was so kind during our 5 minute segment on CBC Radio One 99.1fm on Mon. Mar. 9 on Metro Morning. Happy Hofficing Toronto!! xo Tanya co-admin tanyadunn9@gmail.com 647 764 4325 tel/text

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