History of Early Rome, Part VI: The Long Goodnight (1025 – 1461)

 29 May
 Online at the Beacon Literary Group International group page
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 Rosemary Kestner Kauffman
3-day Special Event 29-31 May 2015 Host: Razik Hasan, London UK Start times: Twice daily @ 3PM & 5PM GMT Friday, 29 May: 1. Death of the soldier-emperor Basil II & The Battle of Manzikert (Host) 2. The Battle of Myriokephalon & Death of Manuel I Komnenos (Anshuman Sarker, Guest Presenter; Bhubaneshwar, India) Saturday, 30 May: 3. Demise of the Komnenos dynasty (Sami Al Mehedi, Guest Presenter, Dhaka, Bangladesh) 4. The Sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade (Ahmed Jamil Farouque, Beacon founder) Sunday, 31 May: 5. Summary (Host)

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