Hiiigher Frequencies

 29 May
  Charleston Holistic Center 2366 Ashley River Rd #8 Charleston, SC 29414
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 Wake Magazine
*Free Event* Hiiigher Frequencies is a Creative & Healing Arts Fest. it serves as a community bridge, combining a traditional health fair platform with a splash of performing and creative arts (including music, dance, visual arts, film and poetry). Utilizing this concept of bridging the gap, “Hiiigher Frequencies” hopes to encourage like-minded businesses to engage each other and share in the networking opportunities presented at this event. Connect - Encourage - Promote. Holistic Health Fair Join the local community of spiritual practitioners from around the Charleston area as they work together to help awaken your spirit! Listen in on eye-opening presentations from top speakers in the world of spiritual arts. Come and experience hands-on treatments, mini-sessions, and some good ole fashioned soul work. Learn how to make transformative and everlasting changes in your life! The Collective Center for Holistic Health, Charleston Holistic Center, and Bridge to Avalon will have professional practitioners available on site who will offer samplings of their holistic healing, spiritual, and psychic services. Participants will also be given the opportunity to sign up for in depth sessions. “Hiiigher Frequencies” is an art opening featuring new works by Cedric Umoja , a Columbia SC visual alchemist who incorporates urban elements combined with influences from the modern masters. His unique style has been self titled Awakenism, with subject matters ranging from love, compassion, truth, oneness, and forgotten history. An Art Lecture with Cedric Umoja Saturday afternoon - join us for an art lecture where Cedric will share his background, past works of art, and describe in detail his inspiration, creation, and mediums used for his new work for “Hiiigher Frequencies”. Feature Film by Roni Nicole and Cedric Umoja Raising is an interactive video installation that illustrates some indeterminate future epoch where people are buried behind the concrete walls of a desolate city, literally living as vegetative processors for computed information. Visited in a dream by an ancient woman, one man ignites an exodus with one simple, but heroic act, breaking down the walls holding humanity and restoring a life in the sun. Details: Where: Charleston Holistic Center 2366 Ashley River Rd #8 Charleston, SC 29414 When: Friday, May 29, 5-8 PM Saturday, May 30, 10-6 PM

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