Heroes and Dragons - The Sundering of Myths

 05 June
 Caddihoe Scout Camp
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 Jack Barlow
Times are approximate ;) 5th - 7th June 2015 Caddihoe scout camp heroes and dragons The sundering of myths With the dust settling from the upheaval, the survivors of the old world look to the new world both familiar and now unknown. The gods themselves are reborn and magic seeths in wild patterns for those with the gift to see. The world is raw and undefined, tribes and civilisations via for power and resource. No borders exist except those enforced by fledgling kingdoms, and these are ever shifting with the play of fate. It is a world ever reshaping and wild in it’s vastness. untamable by the shaping hand of kingdoms come and gone. layers of history ever quick to be covered and forgotten along with cultures, dangers and treasures of their past glories. It is to one of the ancient outer bastions a group of adventurers and brave souls find themselves drawn too, by chance, design or hope. To a place where in old legend stories were ever spoken of, a place where some of the heroes of old began mythical adventure and conquest. A place where it was said the treaties of ancient races were made and legends forged. It is an ancient site, now with the trappings of civilization draped so casually upon it in the form of the Inn of last resolve and the small holding of barrowdwelling. set within the clearings of the sinister deepwallow woods. A place of danger and great reward. mercenary and adventures of every stripe have ever come to this place to start on some epic journey or quest. For it has ever been the nexus of those wanting to exploit the wealth of myths, stories and legends in the region. Be they hunters,crusaders and paladins seeking worthy prey. Treasure seekers, relic hunters and tomb robbers hunting the many hidden tombs within the dark forgotten places. merchants, mages and craftwielders seek the lost secrets and arts of ancient past. Truly a place where names, desires and fortunes can be made. The truth to tell the region has grown more dangerous over the last decade, the woods take a higher toll on the brave souls who enter the region, fewer now are those who return at all. strange things are seen abroad the day and darker tales from the night. Races uptill now peaceful and reclusive beat drums of war. The mayor ever boastful grows ever fearful …… rumours flourish of something new and terrible awakens.

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