Help Virginia and Kitschy get to The Snake Oil Festival!

 01 June
 New Orleans, LA, United States
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 Virginia Scarre
***Visit the link to check out the campaign and donate!*** Virginia Scarre and Kitschy DeCoeur need a hero!! Well, several actually. We've been privileged to be accepted to bring our particular brand of crazy to the stage at New Orleans' Snake Oil Festival...but we need your help to get there and back again (yeah, that's right...a Hobbit reference :P ) Please check out our Indiegogo campaign. Donations in any amount are hugely appreciated! And if you can't donate, please share the campaign with folks who might be willing and able to help two crazy ladies on their journey to the Even Deeper South. XOXO V & K ***CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN AND MAKE A CONTRIBUTION***

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