01 June
 Anchorage, AK, United States
  - 99501–99524, 99529-99530, 99599 - -
 Sabrina Zakaria
Hello everyone! On June 1st, 2015, I will join 97 other University of Texas students in a 70-day bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska! We are the 2015 Texas 4000 team, a group of students dedicated to the fight against cancer! Over the course of 70 days, we will stop in various communities along the way and make it our mission to spread HOPE, KNOWLEDGE, and CHARITY. This is the LONGEST ANNUAL BIKE RIDE in the WORLD, twice the distance of the Tour De France, all for the hope of a cancer-free future! Cancer has affected many of our close friends and family members; share your story with me and be a part of my experience! My goal is to raise $4,500, or $1 for every mile. Texas 4000, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has donated over 5 million dollars toward cancer research since its inception in 2004. Most of these funds have gone to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, and more recently to the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center and to the University of Texas at Austin Biomedical Cancer Research Center. Texas 4000 continues to grow every year, touching the lives of more and more people through donations to various projects and cancer research programs. This is where I need your help! My team will be responsible for finding the food and housing along the way, negotiating media opportunities and, of course, training, but we still need your support. Here are ways you can help and get involved: 1. Donate online at No donation is too small! Even donating one dollar is sponsoring one mile! You will automatically get a tax receipt, which you can claim on your annual taxes, from Kintera if you donate online! 2.Spread the word within your family, friends, and social circles. For more information, message me for details or visit my official page at Feel free to link to this page directly! One of the most special donations I can receive is the exposure I get from everyone you show this to! 3. Mail a check to the order of “Texas 4000 for Cancer” with “Sabrina Zakaria” in the "FOR" or "MEMO" line to: Texas 4000 901 S. Mopac Building Building 1, Suite 300 Austin, TX 78746 All donations at tax-deductible. If you don't receive a tax receipt for some reason, let me know and I will mail you one again! 4. Tell me your story. Every morning of the ride, we share with “ride dedications” with the rest of our teammates. Your stories keep us going, and they fuel the fire that takes us to Alaska. Please send me an email to or feel free to Facebook message me at any time. I ride for my grandfather, Shafi Zakaria, who won the fight against lymphoma. I want to honor him for being the strongest man I know, and I want to honor all those who were not as lucky. Here's how to contact me: (281) 777 3431 “The limit to your abilities is where you place it.” Yours in the fight, Sabrina Zakaria Donate here! - Check out my personal rider profile here! – Learn more about Texas4000 here! -

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