Help paying distemper treatment for 5 puppies saved from Cornetu PS

 31 May
  - - Bucharest - Romania
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The treatment against distemper has started today (28 March) for all the 5 surviving puppies saved from CORNETU PS. They received Canglobe D, cocktail of vitamins, antibiotic, antiseptic, pills against coughing and perfusions in their veins which contained again vitamins and a lot of substances. Also they have been on antibiotic, vitamins, antiseptic and pills againts cough for 14 days. All these have the purpose to sustain their body in fighting with the disease. Sissi was feeling the worse as she hasnt eat for 2 days. Together with the vets we are doing all we can to save them with the conditions and resources we have. I will need all your support in paying the meds, so please help me and donate, any amount helps. The Canglobe D is the most expensive and i will need almost 8 bottles. One bottles is about 45 euros. I managed to get the first 2 bottles little cheaper, but it was real luck. To continue at least 5 days with Canglobe i will have to buy from the vets and pay 45 euros for each bottle. Please donate, we need another 6 bottles plus all the other pills. I would round up the costs at minimum 300 euros. Paypal: or bank account: Ana-Maria Tonchevici, iban - RO14INGB0000999902119236, swift INGBROBU , mention for puppies treatment. Thank you and please pray for the puppies to survive. 2 other puppies, Chiva and Tiramisu lost the battle with life few days ago, their body was too fragile to make it. Let's try now and save Bandit, Luna, Flocke, Sissi and Pepper <3 Album link:

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