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 28 May
 From now through May 28th!!
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 Mary Johnsen
Hello Friends and Family; As many of you know, last July I discovered the movie “Ragamuffin” a story based on the life of Rich Mullins. I purchased it and watched it the same night. Rich Mullins wrote songs like “Sing Your Praise to the Lord”, “Step by Step”, and “Awesome God”. I really knew very little about him other than realizing we had sung a few of his songs at church. I bought a couple of his CD’s, listened to everything I could find on YouTube, and I really love all of his music. He was an amazing songwriter! He didn't just write fluff! The movie is a very real, raw and honest look at Rich’s life and struggles with family, faith, loneliness, addiction, fame, and following God. It touched something very deep in me. I bought a second copy and began sharing it. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is also available on Netflix. I’m contacting you because I know you are also a person who cares about people. Ragamuffin Trailer : I have been to a couple weekend retreats over the last several months and gotten to know the director, producer, and a few of the close friends of Rich Mullins. They are people who truly care for people and are passionate about sharing God’s amazing love and grace! These retreats have been profoundly life changing for me and drawn me to know the love of God even more intimately. Through retreats and testimonies I have seen countless people being ministered to by the honesty, struggles, and passionate love of God portrayed in the movie. Lives are being touched. There are people meeting God for the first time, and there are people being drawn back to God. The folks involved in making this movie and the retreats are the real deal, honest, and trustworthy. They aren't all “Hollywood”… they operate through contributions from others who also love God & want to reach people for Him. I am writing you at this time to ask for your help with a Kickstarter campaign for the follow-up project which is “Brennan”, a movie about Brennan Manning, who wrote “Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-up, and Burnt Out”, Abba’s Child”, and “Ruthless Trust”. He was a former Franciscan priest turned vagabond evangelist. This movie follows Brennan, struggling both with alcohol and a bundle of paradoxes, as he meets a fellow ragamuffin whose life is in peril. Through the story of friendship and brokenness, both learn that God's love is more than a fairy tale, that we have a God who more than loves us, he likes us. I have made a commitment to find 20 people who would be willing to give $40 to the Kickstarter campaign so that Brennan can begin filming this summer. We will be the voices behind the movie, and there are perks to that. Please check out the Kickstarter page - there is more information about the project there. Since I have made this commitment to get 20 people to donate at least $40, would you please just send me an e-mail or text to let me know if you contribute, I do not need to know the amount of your donation. Or simply click "Join" on this event page, and I will know you contributed. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity, and give as God leads. Please also feel free to share the Kickstarter link on social media to get the word out about this movie!! Above all else, PRAY that God would have His way with this project, all for HIS glory!!! Link to the Kickstarter campaign: Peace of Christ, Mary Johnsen “God loves us as we are...not as we ought to be, because we are never going to be as we ought to be." --Brennan Manning

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