Help Dadhakhara Village NEPAL

 31 May
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 Gayle Murphy
THIS IS AN INVITATION TO PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK AND DONATE IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN. This is a way of spreading the request to Donate. SO PLEASE ADD YOUR FRIENDS TO THE EVENT :) I have set up this fundraiser as this is very personal to me. I take small groups on trips and Nepal is one of the places that not only myself personally but all of my group members have fallen instantly under the spell of. I have friends in villages that have lost 90% of their buildings, lives lost and at this time have no food or water and no road access. This money will be used to purchase and distribute basic needs to the Dadhakhara village in the Kathmandu Valley I have a friend and good contact from this village and I will work with him to decide where the money can best help the village recover. Any amount big or small is so very gratefully received. PLEASE DONATE - Any money will go a long way in helping them regain some normality back into their lives. Decisions will be made when money starts being used. It maybe best used for Infrastructure or perhaps to help families replace, cows, chickens, pigs or goats. Seeds for planting, replacement equipment, school needs and if enough money raised some new wells for clean water or piping to transfer water. Essential items that will allow the families to bring a small income back into the community. The goal is to build a fund as large as possible for distribution once things have settled and access is possible. The immediate issues must and will be addressed by governments and aid agencies. I promise to personally go to Nepal with all funds raised to oversee distribution and allocation of the money raised. I will make regular updates on progress with photos when money is utilized so that all donators can see what a difference their generosity can make. The Dadhakhara village can get big benefit from just us! WE can all help in a BIG WAY if people can just donate a few dollars each. It will be spent at grass roots level - with distribution of goods straight to the child, family or community of the Dadhakhara village. Nepal is already one of the world's poorest countries. They need OUR help. They cannot recover from this alone. The people of Nepal do not have the money or the resources to even fix a tip of this problem. Thousands of lives have been lost. And many thousands injured. For those lucky to survive they have no housing, no water, no infrastructure. We can all help. Even $5 is a wonderful donation. If everyone gave $5 it can make a world of difference to the suffering of the Nepalese and help them to start to rebuild their lives. Please help! A little or a lot. Every dollar makes a huge difference and will go a long way in helping Nepal's future. Large donations are not expected, just whatever anyone can spare. PLEASE GIVE. Thank you in advance. and please invite your friends to this EVENT so they can have the opportunity to help too. Gayle

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